Momcozy Update

Just as you put your children first, we put you first. Since 2017 until now, we have never waivered to implement our value, to care moms with love.

Struck by dilemmas between babies and normal lives many moms facing after birth, we are born with the first nursing bra that requires no repeated take-on/off while breast pumping, along with wearable electric breast pump, further the breast massager, to help 500 millions+ moms to get a cozier breastfeeding and normal lives.

With Mother’s Day right at the corner, we know it’s time for us to move to the next stage to become a loyal companion beyond the nursing stage, because being a mom means the whole stage of life.

You need, we offer, we care. Meet you all in the next stage.

Where we are from?

From cozy designs born from love

First, let moms’ hands free

Rank in the list of golden medals of Mom's Choice Awards, the pumping bra tops the Amazon selling for a consistent 3 years. When milk comes, pump it right away without taking time to take off clothes, then bra. Big cut out to fit into while being with flaps above to hold firm the breast pump. Wear one bra, work as two bras.

Then, help moms back to normal lives

If, invisible pumping? Our wearable rechargeable breast pump fits into bras to move around, to satisfy 3-4 times session. It’s born to help moms to go back to normal lives or work as before. Want better pumping? Get one also invisible wearing tiny breast massager. If pumping, it helps to improve let-down. If not pumping, IPX7 waterproof promises a nice shower break to unclog breast duct. 

Further, free moms’ bodies

Seamless, wireless, also buckleless, they are senseless bras. Bonded by jelly strip, the shoulder straps and waist bands are thinnest ever to flush to skin, while special “W” front close design also compensates more support unlike the normal wireless bras. Even being a mom, don’t forget to love your body. Like always, always #CozyWithMom.

Where we are going?

To join the next stage of your life

Love always dribbles down, your moms to you, you to your babies. So is your family, so is our love for you and your descendants. Nice to meet you, no matter in what stage of your blood.

Photo By @kikiandmama_

Photo By @LindsayPierce

Love is cycle

A mother's love is unconditional and it can be passed down

What we are doing right now?