5 Common Anxieties New Parents Have & How to Relieve Them

5 Common Anxieties New Parents Have & How to Relieve Them

Becoming a parent is one of life's most incredible adventures, but with that great adventure comes an array of anxieties. And dealing with parental stress can be difficult, especially if you are getting ready to have your first child. These fears are real, and parents suffer tremendously.  

However, most of the anxieties are just stories that we tell ourselves from the fear of the unknown, and there are ways to combat the uneasiness that comes with being a brand-new parent. Luckily, we've named some of these common anxieties and provided you with some solutions to help you through this beautiful time in your life as a new parent. So, keep scrolling to get some answers! 

Fear of not being good enough parents

Raising children is one of the biggest responsibilities parents have. So, it's not surprising that the fear of not being a good parent can lurk around in your brain. However, that's a considerable weight to carry, and most of those thoughts are created from fear alone. You can turn this around by doing a few things. 

  1. Accept the fact that you have this fear: By accepting it is accurate, you can start focusing on how to abolish it and move forward with the reality that you will be a good parent. 
  2. Accept that you're not perfect: Putting these unrealistic expectations on yourself can skyrocket your anxiety. So, know what you feel is normal, and let go of these erroneous presumptions.  

Fear of Financial Challenges

The fear of being unable to afford a baby is a reality for many new and seasoned parents. And the best thing you can do is try to prepare before pregnancy and save as much as possible. Also, there are always tips and tricks if you find yourself, as many do, in a financial bind. So, here are some ways to save during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

           If you're planning a pregnancy: 

  • Tally up your insurance costs before and after delivery.
  • Reconfigure your financial goals. Cut current costs wherever you can and put the additional amount saved in your savings account.

If You're Planning on the fly: 

  • Always look for coupons on things like bottles, diapers, and wipes
  • Have baby showers that can set you up for the first couple of months. 
  • Save as much as you can during the nine months you're carrying. 
  • Ask your doctorfor samples of everything. 
  • Consider hand-me-downs for the first few months (they grow out of clothing really quickly in the first few years.)

Fear of something happening while they sleep.

The fear of something terrible happening to your baby while they sleep is natural, considering that SIDS affects thousands of families yearly. However, there are several ways to take precautions for the first year during sleep time, and the best way to calm your anxieties is to arm yourself with knowledge. Take time to learn the facts and risks associated with babies and sleeping within the first year.  

A baby monitor is an excellent purchase to help you feel safe. And there are so many to choose from in this era of technology. There are baby monitor with camera and audio that connect to your phone, regular baby monitors, and momcozy baby monitor that features 1080p HD camera and a clear 5’’ display which allows you to keep an eye on you baby from anywhere around the house. It helps you fight anxiety and feel comfortable.

Fear of leaving your baby alone with a sitter

After spending so much time with your new baby, it can be tough to think of leaving them for any time, especially during the first few months of bonding. However, you have to make time for yourself at some point.  

Again, video baby monitors can be perfect for this fear. And knowing that you can access your baby through video at any time can calm your worries about leaving them with someone- even if it's someone that you fully trust. 

Self-care is vital during parenthood, and having some 'me time' doesn't have to be an event that throws you into anxiety. 

Fear of accidentally hurting your baby

The first thing to remember is that babies are incredibly resilient. However, there is a real fear of accidentally harming or dropping the baby. But don't worry, baby-proofing your home is all a part of the process of becoming a parent. Here are some ways to get your home prepared for the new addition. 

  1. Clear the clutter:Move any chords, wires, or breakables to a safe spot. Make sure you don't have rugs in places where you could trip. This step is essential in the baby's room and the bathroom. 
  2. Make sure your outlets are covered: This one is crucial for when they start to crawl and walk. Little curious beings like to explore, so ensuring all of the outlets are covered makes your home much safer from an accident. 
  3. Diaper Changes: Make sure that the diaper changes are lower to the ground, even on the floor, if need be. This assures your baby won't roll off a surface that's too far from the ground. 
  4. Keep the crib clear: In the first year, keeping the crib clear and clutter-free is very important. No stuffed animals or loose blankets should be lying around in the crib during nap time. This is a precaution for SIDS and also removes the risk of suffocation.

Parenting is not only an adventure; it's a hard job- and probably one of the most demanding jobs a person can have. And anxieties are a normal response to striving to be a good parent. However, some anxieties will subside if you can learn how to deal with them and discover the best things to keep your baby safe. Always remember that there are solutions to every problem and you can resolve parental anxieties if you take the time to face them head-on. 

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