6 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms Or Moms-to-be

6 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms Or Moms-to-be

Has one of your friends or family members recently given birth, and you’d love to offer them a beautiful and practical present for Christmas?

Or perhaps someone you know is about to have a child, and you want to make this Christmas extra special for them by giving them the perfect gift?

Being a new mom is one of the most beautiful jobs there is. But it can also be challenging, exhausting, and sometimes even daunting. A thoughtful Christmas present will be sure to show your friend or family member you’re there for them and replenish their energy levels in no time.

And to make the process easier for you, we’ve shared six thoughtful Christmas gift ideas below for new moms or moms-to-be.

Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers are incredibly convenient and safer to use than microwaves. That’s because these little devices are designed to evenly heat the baby’s bottle, preventing any hotspots which could, in turn, scald your little one’s mouth. Some bottle warmers are even engineered to heat baby food at the right-out-of-breast temperature to preserve vitamins and nutrients and make the food more digestible for bub. 

And another great thing about bottle warmers is that they can also be used to warm storage bags or food jars!

They’re so practical that they’ve become the go-to baby accessory for busy parents who need food to be heated quickly while being wary of preserving food nutrients. Therefore, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a new mom or a pregnant friend, you can’t go wrong with this item!

Postpartum Hair Loss Shampoos

While not every mom will experience hair loss after giving birth, many of us do. And if you haven’t, you might have still experienced your little ones learning how to pull your hair for fun, leaving you with short hair around your scalp and making it difficult to manage. 

So, why not give your friend a gorgeous set of postpartum hair loss shampoos and serums this Christmas?

Not only will this help boost regrowth (nothing can prevent the hair loss itself, unfortunately), but it will also allow them to enjoy a well-deserved self-pampering session!

Wellness Gift Card

Talking about self-pampering, if there’s one thing you don’t have the luxury of as a new mom, it’s indulging in a wellness day. As an exhausted mom, having a few hours to yourself to get your nails or hair done, or have a massage, and relax while someone takes care of you is priceless. Something as simple as a good massage can feel incredibly relaxing and help release the pain when your back is sore during pregnancy or tense from breastfeeding. 

So, a wellness and spa gift card could make for the best Christmas gift ever. 

Once your friend receives the card, all they’ll have to do is jump to the store, type their postcode, and look at all the services on offer. From couple massages and facials to haircuts and manicures, they’ll be sure to find the perfect beauty service for them. 

Lactation Massager

Breastfeeding a baby is a joy for many moms. But it can also be painful, especially at the beginning when you don’t exactly know what you’re doing and are experiencing latching issues with your baby. The tortured breast can quickly become painful, and the breastfeeding process can become a nightmare. 

That’s why offering a new mom or a mom-to-be a breast lactation massager can be a godsend to them.

Warming and vibration lactation massagers can help smooth the breastfeeding process turning it into a much more enjoyable time of the day. From relieving plugged ducts and preventing painful mastitis to improving milk flow and emptying the breast more efficiently, breast lactation massagers have become a no-brainer for new moms looking for a pain-relieved breastfeeding experience. 

Note that for the ultimate personalized experience, our lactation massager features two warming modes and six intensities for each mode. 


Whether your friend or family member loves lounging around in pajamas or not, the reality is that as a new mom, that’s pretty much all you do for the first few weeks. So, why not offer them a snug and soft robe for Christmas? 

This will make them feel as if they’re walking on a cloud and heading to the spa every time they put it on and provide the comfort they need during labor and the first few months postpartum.

Nursing Bra

If you had children, you might be familiar with how uncomfortable feeding a baby can be, especially if you have to feed your bub in public. And if you don’t have children, believe us, regular bras just don’t cut it when it comes to breastfeeding. That’s because they feature wires which can be uncomfortable to wear for new moms or pregnant women and don’t provide the convenience needed to quickly feed your little one on demand. 

That’s where breastfeeding nursing bras come into play!

The award-winning seamless nursing bras are designed to provide adequate comfort and encourage breast health while also delivering on the functionality front. Easy to undo and they are designed to provide flattering support with a “W” shape that will give your friend the confidence they need during this special time.

This is a practical and versatile Christmas gift, as the receiver will be able to wear it at home, for special occasions, and even while working out!

And that’s a wrap for today. 

We hope this short guide on the best Christmas gifts to offer moms-to-be or new moms will provide plenty of inspiration. Giving birth is a precious gift, but being spoiled by your loved ones when feeling uncomfortable and tired is a nice addition to this joyful experience so we’re sure that your gift will be greatly appreciated. 

And if you’re looking for more gift ideas, don’t hesitate to browse our wide range of maternity, nursing, and baby accessories. We’re passionate about supporting moms and bubs in this incredible journey. That’s why all of our products are tailored to provide comfort and convenience and empower women during motherhood.

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