7 Proven Benefits of using best hands free pump in 2023?

7 Proven Benefits of using best hands free pump in 2023?

Best hands free pump is essential for all mothers because mothers spend a lot of time expressing milk. Giving your infant breast milk is a lovely experience that allows you to nurture and bond with your child. Even though you adore your little angel, you might need or want to spend some time apart from them, which is challenging if you are solely breastfeeding.

Best hands free pump? Manual or Automatic

The manual breast pump is designed to prevent inflammation of the breasts of lactating mothers by removing excess milk or its residues during lactation. It consists of a rubber bulb and a funnel-shaped reservoir with a spherical depression directed downwards. By squeezing the pear, a suction force is created and the expressed milk is collected in a circular reservoir.

Please note that food that has come into direct contact with the plastic bulb must not be given to the child.

Best hands free pump seems to be the best solution for women who only want to remove excess milk from the breast and not express milk to give to the baby.

When making a decision, it is worth paying attention to whether the kit with accessories attached to the breast pump - both manual and electric - includes a bottle with a screw cap and a sealing disc that allows for safe food storage, followed by feeding the baby after replacing the disc with a dynamic teat. This solution is very practical, especially when traveling.

Best Device to Store Expressed Milk

When it turns out that we need to store the expressed milk, we can do it safely in bags intended for this purpose. However, it should be remembered that this process requires very high hygiene, compliance with instructions and rules for storing fresh food. Purses for food storagethey are disposable. 

They are sterile and allow you to maintain the highest quality of breast milk. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer. The design of the bag allows it to be stored in an upright position, which prevents milk from spilling. The bags have a label on which you can put information about the date of milk collection or freezing.

Method of Feeding With Hands Free Pump

The decision to breastfeed is the best gift you can give your baby after he or she enters the world. This is the method of feeding recommended by the World Health Organization and has an unquestionable, beneficial effect on the health of the child.

 If there are no contraindications to breastfeeding, it is worth starting it in the first hours after childbirth, when the mammary glands produce colostrum, i.e. the first food, very rich in nutrients and immune components. 

Even if the baby is born prematurely and has to stay in a different ward than the mother, it does not have a sucking reflex - it is worth doing everything to ensure that it receives mother's milk.

Why it is important to use a breast pump for a mother?

Milk is produced in the body of a woman after childbirth under the influence of hormones and stimulation of the mammary gland by suckling the baby. If we cannot latch the baby to the breast, it is worth expressing the milk and handing it over to the medical staff in order to give it to the baby staying, for example, in an incubator.

 Then, best hands free pump is helpful, which - by imitating the sucking reflex - stimulate the production and flow of milk. The breast pump will also be useful for mothers who plan to express milk in order to store it and give it to the child, for example when leaving the house, when the child is under the care of dad or grandma. 

Using a breast pump can also help form flat nipples, which can sometimes make it difficult for your baby to suck and not get enough food. For what breast pump decide? The choice is big. To make it easier, it is worth knowing the types of breast pumps.

Manual Breast Pump

This type of breast pump has a silicone funnel that tightly adapts to the shape of the breast and a manual piston with a comfortable, ergonomic shape. Under the influence of the movements of the piston, a suction force is created that allows effective expression of milk.

The design of the breast pump allows the nursing mother to sit comfortably while using the breast pump. There is no need to lean forward for the milk to flow properly from the breast. The milk is collected directly in the clean bottle that is part of the breast pump. 

Being comfortable and relaxed while pumping promotes easier milk flow. The breast massage pad has a soft, velvety texture that is warm to the touch to comfortably and gently stimulate your milk flow.

The manual breast pump does not require a power supply, which makes it very discreet. In addition, the small manual breast pump easily fits in any bag, making it very practical, for example, when traveling.

Electric breast pump

With best hands free pump, a nursing mother can relax and express milk from her breast by pressing one button. The breast pump imitates the two-phase process of sucking a baby (the phase of stimulating milk flow and the phase of deep sucking), thanks to which it expresses more milk in a shorter time.

Most electric breast pumps have the option of adjusting the suction power. They also have the ability to remember the individual preferences of a nursing mother.

Manufacturers of food storage accessories recommend that fresh food be stored in a refrigerator at 4°C for up to 96 hours, and thawed food for up to 24 hours. Freshly harvested food can be stored in the freezer for 3-6 months. Never refreeze thawed food!

It is recommended to defrost the food slowly (e.g. overnight in the fridge), the bags cannot be heated in microwave ovens. Always check with your doctor, midwife or pharmacist if you have any doubts.

The electric breast pump is slightly larger than the manual breast pump, so it is not so easy to fit it in a handbag. In addition, even the one whose manufacturer declares quiet operation will be less discreet than a manual breast pump. This product seems to be the most suitable for mums who will pump milk mainly at home.

Learning how to express milk can require some practice

 However, at Momcozy, our consultants have some excellent advice about best hands free pump: "For your initial breast-pumping session, express for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. If you don't initially gather a lot of milk, don't panic; just keep going.

If you push too firmly, your breast tissue may be compressed and milk flow may be obstructed. Hold the breast shield softly against the breast.

We decided to test largely double pumps because doing so logically reduces the time spent expressing and, on average, collects 18% more milk than doing so by pumping from each breast in turn.

We looked for pumps that guaranteed ease of use, strong suction, and ease of assembly and cleaning.

These range from wearable, completely portable pumps to plug-in, non-portable pumps. The kind you require will depend on where and when you pump. Each pump was put through the same consistency test.

Our Best Hands Free Pump at Momcozy


Double All-in-one Wearable Breast Pump - M1

All-in-one clothing is far more comfortable to wear and significantly less cumbersome and visible. More milk is produced because to the 3 modes and larger 9 intensities, allowing you to start modest but conclude big.

The closed system of the Momcozy M1 wearable breast pump entirely separates milk from the motor and pump parts. You don't have to be concerned about leakage.

Unique Design

This hands-free pump is smaller in size, fitting on the breast with less weight and bulge.

9 Intensities and 3 Modes

Momcozy best hands free pump provides greater care to mothers with 3 modes and 9 intensities. It is possible to more easily control the suction, determining the ideal force for each breast to produce less discomfort and greater satisfaction.

Simple to Assemble

It is available in Integrated design with only four replaceable parts, simple to open and put back together.

This pump has three sizes of flanges that measure 21/24/27mm, providing a wonderful opportunity to solve the wrong side pick-up problem and effectively decreasing the issue of nipple and areola size.

BPA-Free and Easily Cleanable

The Momcozy hands-free breast pump attachments are constructed of soft food-grade silicone that is simple to clean and remove. All components of best hands free pump are removable for proper cleaning.

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