5 Reasons to Buy Best Breast Pump for New Mothers

 best breast pump in 2022

A breast pump is a device that helps in many situations. This is ideal when a mother has to leave her baby with another caregiver for a while, and she does not want to be fed artificial milk during this time. It helps speed up lactation. It is ideal when the mother returns to work and the baby is not yet weaned. While using an electric best breast pump is not difficult, there are a few things you need to know to ensure that pumping milk is efficient, good for your breasts and not a chore for a mother.

best breast pump

Some Important Notes before Buying the best breast pump

Getting started with a breast pump can be a little frustrating. Many moms are nervous about sore nipples or the amount of time they have to spend pumping milk. However, do not be upset.

Before choosing the best breast pump, it is worth getting an opinion about specific models and their characteristics to buy the one that will be most suitable. The general rules for using a breast pump are the same whether you use a manual or electric breast pump.

Leadership is the key

Please read the instructions carefully before using your breast pump. Although all brands of breast pumps work the same way, it's best to know which button starts pumping and which button only starts the massage. It is also worth learning how individual absorption levels differ.

 It's also good to know if the device can be used while charging, how long the battery lasts, and how to quickly assemble and disassemble it.

Relaxation and safety

Stress interferes with the production and flow of food. Before you put the pump on your breast, you need to prepare a quiet place for expressing milk. These few minutes should be time to focus on yourself and relax. It is better to sit in a comfortable chair or sofa and relax.

You can watch your favorite series, turn on your favorite music, read a book, or talk to a partner. It is important that you have something to drink on hand (non-carbonated mineral water is best) because, during feeding, thirst increases significantly. No need to rush and get upset right away.

Every time the best breast pump is used, milk production begins, so only regular pumping can increase the amount of milk produced. It comes with time. In order not to panic about bags of expressed milk, it is worthwhile to prepare suitable bottles or containers in advance. It's also a good idea to have a paper towel or napkins on hand to wipe up leaking "food".

best breast pump

Which is the best breast pump?

Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump is one of the best pumps which offer great performance at affordable price. Some dominant features of electronic breast pumps include:


  • Functions : some products have different operating speeds, in order to adapt the milk extraction to the sensitivity of the breasts and to the needs of time
  • Cup design : Most breast pumps have soft silicone cups, which can be distinguished from each other both in size and in the presence of pads that help massage and stimulate the breasts during the artificial sucking process
  • Power supply : electric breast pumps can only work when connected to the power outlet, with internal batteries or with both


Hygiene above all else in using the best breast pump

Wash your hands, breasts, and nipples thoroughly before each pumping session. The best solution is unscented soap or the same cleanser you use to wash your baby. All elements of the breast pump that come into contact with the breast or milk must also be thoroughly rinsed.

They can be washed with dishwashing liquid (preferably for washing baby bottles), but they must be rinsed very carefully.

How to use the best breast pump effectively?

It is better to set a regular pump downtime. Before doing this, it is necessary to determine when the breast pump is most effective. For a significant proportion of women, this happens about an hour after a feed, but some mothers prefer to express milk after every second feed.

 Once the best time for pumping is determined, you need to include it in your daily routine. The mother's body will get used to produce more milk in a certain amount of time.

You cannot increase the pumping time. You need to monitor the nipples to find out how much milk is secreted from each duct and how long the secretion takes (when lactation is well established - after about 6 weeks of feeding - the flows are the same at each feeding).

How should mothers use a breast pump?

Moms who only start to pump at the start of pumping should express all their milk from their breasts in no more than 10 minutes (but no less than 5 minutes). So it makes no sense to use the best breast pump for a long time. Women with late or multiple working milk ducts should pump for at least a quarter of an hour, but no longer than 20 minutes.

When expressing with a manual or electric breast pump, it is better to use the two-phase method. When a baby suckles at the breast, he first sucks milk quickly and shallowly, and then sucks it more slowly and deeper. You should work with breast pump programs to mimic the baby's natural sucking rhythm as much as possible.

Buy the best breast pump with the safest food-grade material

You should never press or squeeze your breasts hard while pumping. This practice can cause excessive pressure or even injury to the milk ducts, thereby blocking the flow of milk. It is also worth making sure that the cups of the breast pump pressing the breast are not too tight.

Silicone pads are safer because they gently massage the breast and do not cause pressure. A positive effect is a gentle breast massage before pumping. Before them, it is also worth taking a warm, but relatively quick warm shower.

How should mothers feed their children?

The natural "stimulator" of milk secretion in contact with the baby's skin. When the mother's skin rubs against the baby's skin, the release of oxytocin by the mother is increased. Many mothers hold their baby in their arms or breastfeed it using a breast pump. Interestingly, the very sight of a child stimulates the production of milk by the female body!

It is not always possible to feed a baby directly from the breast. Sometimes it is necessary to feed him with expressed milk or additional stimulation of the breast to increase milk production. Here are some practical tips for extracting, storing, and serving mother's milk.

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When should I express milk?

  1. Start breastfeeding

Pumping is extremely important when, for some reason, the mother is unable to breastfeed her newborn baby. This usually happens when we are dealing with a premature baby or a baby in poor health. It also happens that some newborns find it difficult to properly latch onto the breast and eat the optimal amount of food.

In such situations, it is very important to work with the best breast pump at an early stage to start lactation and bring milk production to the desired level.

It is recommended to start pumping within the first 6 hours after delivery. It is best if the first drops of colostrum are collected already 1-2 hours after birth. The first meal can be given to the baby with a syringe (the amount of colostrum is usually minimal, but this meal is extremely concentrated and very important for the newborn).

 Then you should start regular work with the breast pump. In the first few days, regularity is key, so it's worth stimulating your breasts to work at least 8 times a day. . A hospital-type breast pump in the early days will be more optimal than its counterparts intended for home use.

2. Increasing food production

Sometimes it is necessary to increase the amount of food for the child. Then you have to feed the baby with expressed milk. When a baby suckles poorly or inefficiently, they have trouble gaining weight. Instead of feeding your baby with modified milk, you should use a breast pump.

 In these situations, the technique for handling the breast pump may differ from the technique for handling the breast pump when initiating lactation. It is usually recommended to express milk immediately after a feed (to “empty” the breast and stimulate it, since “empty” breasts produce more milk).

How to express milk with a breast pump?

First of all, the frequency and method of working with a breast pump depend on the purpose for which we want to get milk. Breast stimulation is medically necessary. For example, if a newborn is unable to eat or is suckling poorly, or is not eating enough, then a lactation consultant or other specialist (midwife, neonatologist, and pediatrician) should be consulted. 

Your lactation specialist will give you personalized advice. In general, the rule is that the frequency of breast stimulation should match the natural rhythm of breastfeeding.

Focus on Pumping Methods

The pumping method depends on the type of breast pump. If we work with a simultaneous best breast pump, both breasts are stimulated at the same time, and food is taken from both breasts at the same time. 

In this case, it is enough to stimulate the breast for about 10-15 minutes from the moment you notice the release of milk. The simultaneous breast pump is the most optimal and provides the maximum amount of milk with higher fat content.

When using a sequential breast pump, it is necessary to change the breast. If the breast pump is biphasic, it is enough to stimulate both breasts for 10-15 minutes each. If your pump is monophasic and full pumping is required (to start lactation when attachment to the breast is not possible), the most popular stimulation method is the 7-5-3 method.

« Pumping Method 7-5-3» is based on alternate stimulation of the breast according to the following scheme:

  1. 5-7 min breast inflation #1, 5-7 min breast lift #2
  2. 3-5 min breast pumping No. 1, 3-5 min breast tightening No. 2
  3. 2-3 minutes pumping from 1 breast 2-3 minutes pumping from 2 breasts.

The whole cycle lasts from 20-30 minutes at a time. If the baby is not placed on the breast, stimulation should be performed at least 8 times a day, in older infants at least 6 times a day or more often (the break should not exceed 6 hours).

Final Remarks

Is the brand important?

There are several breast pump brands that are dedicated to the production of affordable pumps for mothers: our advice is not to prefer a particular brand, but to start above all from your needs, verifying that the chosen model is equipped with the desired characteristics. 

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