Changing Diapers? Check Whether You Have Made These Common Mistakes!

Changing Diapers? Check Whether You Have Made These Common Mistakes!

One of the many daily tasks for a new mother is changing a baby's diaper. She sometimes has to do it in an unpleasant and dirty manner. She has a lot of responsibilities, so she runs the risk of making a mistake, forgetting something crucial, or not giving the infant enough care. These errors could have serious repercussions and occasionally even be dangerous.

But contrary to what most new mothers believe, changing a diaper isn't as difficult (or disgusting) as they assume. Only a few principles must be kept in mind, and you should always be on guard. Additionally, it's beneficial to learn from other people's errors! So let's look at some common blunders new mothers make when changing diapers and try to avoid them.

Turning Around While the Baby's on the Changing Table

Turning around when your infant is on a changing table is not a good idea. It's normal to do so when you hear an unexpected noise or need to get something. We know that it may not seem like a huge problem, but if you don't watch your child for a few moments, they might slip off the table. When the infant can turn over, the situation can be increasingly worse.

Hands off the Baby

You should always keep at least one hand on your infant when changing his or her diaper. Keeping both hands away isn't as risk-free as it would appear since, once more, it can lead the baby to turn over or make an unanticipated, sudden movement and go down instantly.

Not Changing the Baby’s Diaper in Time

Because babies need to discharge themselves regularly in their first few months of life, changing their diapers frequently might become tiresome. However, doing it before the diaper gets too full is still crucial. It can result in a blowout on your hands and a nasty rash on your baby's buttocks if you leave your child in a filthy diaper.

That said, you should try our high-performing diaper! It increases comfort while minimizing leakage. While it is incredibly gentle for your newborn's delicate skin, it also significantly traps liquids. It's the main reason why 100+ media outlets endorsed it after its 30-day debut!

Wipe the Baby Girl from Back to Front

Because their lady parts are too sensitive to allow anything within, women should wipe from front to back. The same is true for newborns; wiping from back to front can result in several illnesses in both females and males. Therefore, even if it is simpler for you to wipe back to front, avoid doing it and always clean your infant front to back.

Not Addressing the Rash

Your infant is likely to get a rash if their skin turns red, inflamed, irritated, or otherwise unusual in any manner. It's crucial to take action straight away and not ignore these signs. Apply diaper rash cream to the area after thoroughly cleaning and drying it. If the problem continues, schedule a visit with your physician.

In addition to cleaning and nourishing healthy newborn skin, our diaper wipes are enhanced with natural plant extracts (coconut oil, vitamin E, witch hazel extract, and chamomile extract).

We exclusively utilize plant fiber that is 100% biodegradable, and we have received approval from several third-party organizations. These eco-friendly, natural baby wipes were designed with the well-being of both the environment and your child in mind.

Ignore the Umbilical Stump

A little fragment of the umbilical cord is left on the baby's belly button for a while after birth. You should be aware of it while it's there since it will ultimately come off. It is essential to never rip it off before it has healed by covering it with a diaper. Therefore, either use baby diapers with a unique opening on top for the umbilical stump or fold the diaper down.

Our diapers have a previously unheard-of level of softness – thanks to lighter 0.8D and finer 10-micron fibers. They are made to feel as silky as possible and gently touch your baby's skin.

Multiple Uses of Disposable Diapers

Although it may sound revolting, some individuals genuinely attempt to reuse disposable diapers. Even though the baby’s diaper appears clean when you take it off, it is preferable to use a fresh one. Obviously, there are little particles of germs and dead skin cells in that old diaper, so it's probably not as clean as you believe. You don't want to reapply it to your infant.

Using an Incorrect Size Diaper

Babies grow rapidly, so in addition to frequently resizing their clothing, it's crucial to make sure you're also using the right size of diapers. If you continue to use the undersized diapers, the infant will feel uncomfortable, their chance of chafing will rise, and blowouts may happen. Therefore, always check that the diaper size is appropriate and comfy for your little one.

We have a diaper size chart with six sizes made perfectly for this occasion. Head over to our page and get familiar!

Going into the Act of Changing Unprepared

Always check that you have everything you need before beginning a diaper change:

  • A brand-new diaper.
  • Skincare products you need to use on your child's skin to treat diaper rash.
  • New clothes.
  • Anything else you might require.

If you don't, you'll end up leaving the room, turning around, or taking both hands off the baby – which, as we've already established, is a horrible idea.

Check out our bundles – BabyCozy Diapers+Wipes Bundle!

  • Bouncy Soft Diaper: Highly absorbent and hypoallergenic diapers with no additives or harsh chemicals.
  • Coconut Nourish Wipes: Clean and nourish skin with four natural plant extracts. 100% biodegradable, mild to the environment.

Forgetting to Wash Your Hands After

Some mothers simply forget to wash their hands after changing a baby's diaper because they are too busy. Never, though, should you disregard it. It's just as vital to wash your hands after changing a baby's diaper as it is after using the restroom. The rationale is the same: you don't want to expose yourself, your child, or anybody else in your home to the germs!

Last thoughts

Being a mother is no simple task! We are fallible. Things are forgotten. Parenting mistakes are epic. We strive to learn from our errors even when we do make blunders. We also consistently show up. We choose difficult options for our families and adore and care for our children very much. Don't let your parenting experience be defined by the errors you make. Keep your mind and your baby’s diaper clean!

Naturally, as a mom, you want the best for your baby and yourself too! So, make your life easier by checking our blog – we have a lot of articles to help you through this phase! As for your baby, we at Momcozy are passionate about creating the highest-quality products at affordable prices.

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