Cozy Prepare: 4 Must-Have Items for Your Cozy Pregnancy

Cozy Prepare: 4 Must-Have Items for Your Cozy Pregnancy

Nurturing a life in your body can be wonderful but also stressful. From morning sickness and breast tenderness to back pain and constipation, moms experience a lot of physical changes and discomforts as her baby bump grows. You may plan to get ready before those symptoms appear but are confused about where to start with as a first-time mom. In this blog, we will walk you through several must-have products that can be a great helper during pregnancy. Check them out for a “cozy prepare” experience!

1. A Comfortable and Supportive Bra

An early sign of pregnancy is breast changes. As early as week 6, you may notice your breasts become sore and tender and begin to grow. Normally, they will go up a bra size or two through pregnancy. Your old bras can be tight and result in uncomfortable wearing. Therefore, it’s time to add new ones to your wardrobe. Wireless and stretchy bras that accommodate your growing breast size are ideal. If you plan to breastfeed, choose those maternity bras that can double as a nursing bra to save money. Momcozy’s award-winning YN21 maternity and nursing bra boasts buttery-soft fabric and seamless bonding craft, offering unrivaled comfort as reviewed by many real moms. Its adjustable shoulder straps and an included band extender guarantee a perfect fit. Nursing becomes a breeze as moms can open the clasps with one single hand and feed their baby skin to skin.

Momcozy bra

2. A Full Body Pillow

As your belly grows bigger and heavier, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. You may be disturbed by troubles like back pain and leg cramps. Try to find a comfortable sleep position to alleviate your physical discomforts. It is recommended that moms sleep on their side as they proceed into the third trimester for the baby’s safety. Lying on the back can put pressure on the main blood vessel and reduce oxygen sent to the baby and placenta. To sleep comfortably on the side, you may need extra support between your knees, under your belly, and behind your back. A full-body pillow gets you covered in one piece. Momcozy’s Huggable maternity pillow perfectly conforms to the contour of the mom’s body and delivers whole-body support. Named “the best cooling pregnancy pillow” in a CNET review, it features a breathable and cooling pillow cover that keeps you cool in the summer. 

Mom sleeps with a momcozy pregnancy pillow

3. A Comfortable Maternity Dress

In addition to larger breasts, a big bump and weight gain during pregnancy can make it hard to fit in your regular clothes. Then you may consider wearing maternity clothes. What you’ll get depends on the season, your body, and your personal taste, such as T-shirts and Jeans for summer and sweaters and coats for winter. A comfortable maternity dress can also be a good investment for the summer. Momcozy’s black maternity dress, made of soft, breathable stretch fabric and featuring a sleeveless design, is gentle on the skin and prevents your body from overheating. Enhanced by the ruched design on both sides, this dress can accommodate the mom’s changing body shape for comfy wearing at any stage of pregnancy. In addition, it doubles as a nursing dress for convenient breastfeeding.

4. Postpartum Recovery Kit

Packing a hospital bag for labor and delivery is one of the important to-dos during pregnancy. Among many other essentials like maternity and nursing bras, and baby clothes, don’t forget to bring some essential equipment to meet your own special postpartum needs and make recovery easier. It includes disposable underwear, cold soothing pads, cooling foam, and a peri bottle. Momcozy includes all the items in one single package and takes the designs further, delivering both quality and convenience for moms.

  • The disposable underwear features leak-proof edges and a built-in pad that quickly absorbs the bleed and discharge.
  • Shake the pad to activate its cooling effect. No refrigerator is needed.
  • The cooling foam is made of natural essence - a healthier soothing solution.
  • The head of the peri bottle bent at a 75-degree angle enables moms to cleanse their sensitive area more easily and accurately, compared with the regular right-angle design. It also features 500ml capacity, reducing refill times in a day.

Final Thoughts

Every mom has their own unique pregnancy journey. To discover the best products that make their pregnancy cozy, it can take a few tries and tests. Momcozy, committed to being moms' best companion, offers a wide range of innovative and quality products that help moms navigate this period with ease. Recognized by over 3 million moms, we are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to your cozy pregnancy.


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