Do Breastfeeding Seamless Nursing Bras Increase Milk Supply?

Do Breastfeeding Seamless Nursing Bras Increase Milk Supply?

What is the difference between a nursing bra and a regular bra?

The main difference between a breastfeeding seamless nursing bras and a regular bra is the ability to expose one breast by unfastening the cup. In order to expose the chest in a regular bra, you need to unfasten the fastener of the bra on the back, and lift the bra up, i.e. almost take it off.

When to buy a breastfeeding seamless nursing bras - before childbirth? After childbirth?

Our recommendation is to have at least one nursing bra with which you will go to the hospital 2-3 weeks before the expected birth. No need to think that as soon as you give birth, milk will immediately come, and the breast will become larger.

In the body after childbirth, hormonal changes occur, so the breast can change in any direction - both decrease and increase.

Therefore, you should not stock up on bras for feeding before childbirth. It is better to wait until lactation is established.

But one before childbirth must be required! So calmer))

You need to buy one breastfeeding seamless nursing bras 2-3 weeks before giving birth, and at least one more for a shift 1-2 weeks after giving birth when lactation is established.

How to use breastfeeding seamless nursing bras during lactation?

During lactation, especially at the beginning, leakage of milk often occurs. It is absolutely impossible for a nursing mother to walk in a wet bra, so there must be another bra for a shift.

By the end of the first or second week of lactation, the size of the nursing breast becomes more or less stable. That's when you can go for the second (and possibly third) bra! It is better, of course, to come to the store yourself, and choose breastfeeding seamless nursing bras that fit in size, are convenient in design, and comfortable in materials.

The result of breast augmentation does not depend only on the surgeon's competence.

It is essential that, during the recovery period, the patient follows all the medical recommendations, which include the continuous use of the nursing bra in the postoperative period.

But do you know what is, in fact, the importance of this piece for the success of the surgery? That's what we're going to talk about in this post.

So, read on and discover why the post-op bra is an indispensable ally for those who want beautiful, voluminous, and well-shaped breasts!

What is the breastfeeding seamless nursing bras?

It is a piece made specially to help in the recovery of patients who had plastic surgery on their breasts.

It is not only recommended for patients who have had silicone implants. Therefore, women who have undergone reduction mammaplasty or mastopexy should also use it.

When should the patient start to wear a post-operative bra?

This bra is placed on the patient's body right after the procedure is finished, by the doctor or nursing team. Therefore, he must be taken to the clinic on the day of surgery.

What are the main functions of the postoperative bra?

The various functions of the post-operative breastfeeding seamless nursing bras make them an indispensable ally for breast surgeries to have excellent results. For this reason, it is important that you know which are the main ones:

  1. Works as a compressive dressing

Those who look at the breast after the placement of the silicone prosthesis only see a small external incision.

However, it was necessary to open a space between the mammary gland and the muscle to insert the implant. This internal cut also goes through a healing process and needs care.

This is the first reason to wear the breastfeeding seamless nursing bras. It is made with a slightly thicker and more elastic fabric and works as a compressive dressing, which exerts adequate pressure on the operated area.

Therefore, the postoperative bra plays an important role in preventing bleeding from both the external incision and the internal cut.

  1. Facilitates healing

The nursing bra reduces the movement of the breasts in the postoperative period. They are tight due to compression and therefore do not “rock”.

With the breasts stabilized, the healing process becomes much easier. Thus, the stitches (sutures) are not forced and the tissues that need to be “glued” again are not pressed, accelerating the recovery.

In this way, healing becomes faster and more efficient. The risk of keloid formation decreases and the marks become almost imperceptible.

3. Reduces seroma and bleeding

What do you do when you have a cut on any area of ​​your body? People usually clean the wound quickly and then put pressure on the area to stop the bleeding.

The breastfeeding seamless nursing bras also fulfill this function. Thus, as he compresses the breasts, he ends up preventing not only bleeding but also the formation of seroma.

Seroma is the accumulation of fluid under the skin that happens after surgery. Although it is the result of a normal process in the body, the fact is that it leaves the scar area higher, causing discomfort and impairing healing.

  1. Prevents the onset of pain

The new breast needs support to sustain itself early in recovery. However, without the post-operative bra, the prosthesis weighs on the skin, strains the area that is in the healing process, and causes pain.

However, when the patient follows all the medical recommendations after the surgery, she hardly feels pain. This happens not only because she is medicated, but because the post-operative breastfeeding seamless nursing bras support the weight of the breast and the prosthesis.

5. Prevents displacement of the prosthesis

By keeping the breasts stable and applying pressure to the right points, the nursing bra prevents the prosthesis from shifting. It also shapes the breasts, contributing to the good result of the surgery.

  1. Prevents sagging

The new breast size will force the skin on your breasts to stretch, and this is normal. The main way to prepare this region to house this additional volume is good hydration before surgery.

Thus, the patient especially avoids stretch marks and also prevents sagging.

However, it's no use taking care of hydration and not helping the skin to support this new volume and weight of the prosthesis.

The breastfeeding seamless nursing bras, by ensuring this support, prevent sagging of the breasts. After all, every woman wants voluminous and pert breasts, right?


How long does to wear the post-op bra?

In the first 30 days after surgery, the patient must wear a post-operative bra at all times, including sleeping. It is only allowed to take it off to shower.

It is essential that, during this period, the patient does not wear traditional bras. The surgical pieces are made with antiallergic materials and the modeling itself is planned not to hurt the surgery region.

After 30 days, the patient is free to choose. Although doctors generally recommend that the patient continue to wear the breastfeeding seamless nursing bras at least until the surgery is 60 days old, many return to the use of normal bras.

However, it is worth noting that, in the first 90 days, a woman should not wear bras with metal frames.

They hurt the cut region and impair healing. In addition, the wire can push the prosthesis and cause it to dislodge.

How to choose the ideal post-operative bra?

More important than the bra brand is the set of features it needs to provide support and comfort:

  • as the patient should not move her arms much, the opening and adjustment of the handles should be frontal;
  • anti-allergic and good quality fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps the breast dry in case of perspiration;
  • absence of rims, which can hurt the skin and deform or dislocate the prosthesis.

Is it better to buy or borrow the breastfeeding seamless nursing bras?

The idea is that the woman buys the nursing bra. In addition to being underwear, the model and compression intensity are chosen and adjusted according to medical advice.

To arrive at the appropriate model and size, the surgeon evaluates several points. Thus, the volume of the prostheses, the appearance of the breasts before the operation, and the age of the patient influence this decision.

Therefore, the variations are many and depend on the patient's needs. So, hardly a nursing bra suitable for a friend will be the same recommended for her case.

Some Cool Features of Breastfeeding Seamless Nursing Bras

The standard nursing bra uses cutting-edge bonding technology for a smooth appearance and increased flatness. The built-in inner band gently pulls and elevates the breasts, subtly changing their contours.

Although it has a baby-like soft touch and is the same comfortable to wear as OETX cloth, it plays quite "cool." 20% of the front covering is reduced by the lace deep-v neck, making the wear extremely cool even in the summer. Being cool can be both an attitude and a fashion statement.

  • Comfortable materials: 51% nylon and 49% spandex
  • Good support,
  • easy nursing access,
  • non-removable pads,
  • adjustable back straps, and a hook and eye closure



In breastfeeding seamless nursing bras, you can simply unfasten the cup with a clip, pull one (!) Cup down, exposing the chest while not completely. The chest turns out to be almost completely closed, in such a bra you can feed a child even in a public place, but, of course, in a secluded corner.

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