Her Infinite Power: Lessons of a Cozy Mom Realizing Her New Career Path

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As I hurried through the emergency room, a crying newborn echoed from the ambulance bay. My mind flashed to my own daughter at home yet here was this struggling new mom in need. I felt pulled to care for her at that moment, both physically and emotionally, and increasingly so over the next year until I realized - it was time to turn toward my deeper calling of empowering breastfeeding mothers, just as I had been supported through my own breastfeeding journey. Making the big leap from paramedic wasn’t easy with self-doubt and societal pressures looming - something many other mothers can relate to. Yet pursuing my dream to transition from paramedic to breastfeeding counselor aligned with my inner wisdom. I realized, now I would get to help new mothers, work my own hours, and still be fully present as a mom. Also, when you listen to your spirit and follow dreams, you tap reserves of energy you never knew possible.


Is your dream tugging at you too? Do you feel a pull toward something more but don't know how to take the next step? I understand and I've been there. But leaps of faith, while scary, often lead us to our most vibrant life. If your heart is burning with untapped potential, walk with me through how I manifested my passion. There is power within you waiting to be unleashed! Now let's get to the story...


Knowing when to make the switch

Amidst the noisy static, I relied on my inner voice of wisdom - what felt right for me, my baby, and my family?

Becoming a mother held immense joy yet also unearthed deep societal pressures and self-doubt. Well-meaning friends questioned if I'd return to work quickly while my parents encouraged me to be wholly dedicated at home. The media portrayed confusion on whether stretch marks meant I'd "let myself go" or conversely critiqued celebrity moms bouncing back to perfection. No matter what, judgment loomed about mothering "the right way."

I took time to bond those early days and savored the new rhythm, though financially I could not stay home forever. Returning to the ER shifts initially was fine but soon felt misaligned. My thought process recognized I could utilize my skills in nurturing new moms with their breastfeeding questions versus only treating trauma. The tug toward this passion crescendoed until I realized that becoming a breastfeeding counselor and starting my blog could blend with helping others with self-care. The main thing stopping me was my worry about money and leaving behind a career that I had built for over 15 years - but I knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

Planning the transition

With conviction growing, next came the planning. I researched options for training and created savings goals before sharing this dream with my husband. His support when I pitched a vision of how we could make finances work sealed my certainty. With no family nearby to offer help with childcare, I had to choose a largely online-based course. The pieces seemed to magically fall into place, confirming I was on the right track!

For breastfeeding moms following their purpose, here are my tips:


  • Pump milk so others can bottle feed when you’re away. I tagged bottles stored in the fridge by date. Consider a hands-free automatic pump to express on the go. Treat yourself!
  • Use milk storage bags to stockpile in the freezer for busier seasons. I built up a nice cushion for exam time.
  • Take study breaks to breastfeed. The snuggles recharged me.
  • Use a baby monitor if you are studying in the evening. This way you can respond to your baby whenever the need arises without having to stay in the room with him/her.
  • Set up a comfy pumping space when away. Mini-fridge, photos of your baby, and hot tea.


The key is planning ahead while still nourishing your baby. This season soon shall pass as dreams manifest!

 working mom

Mothers should believe in themselves and follow their dreams

As women, we often strive to play many roles - diligent employee, doting mother, supportive spouse, and more. But in stretching ourselves thin to fulfill expectations, our own dreams and passions often get relegated to the back burner.


After putting my desire to help breastfeeding moms on hold while working as a paramedic, I finally decided to take the leap. Despite the financial challenges, becoming a breastfeeding counselor has empowered me to fully step into my most authentic purpose as an empathetic woman helping mothers who want to fulfill their breastfeeding journey dreams.  


Through these challenges, I persevered and learned that ALL of us possess a vibrant inner wisdom. We can manifest our dreams while still being present for our loved ones when we silence the self doubt.

For any mom wanting to pursue her passions, here are my tips:

 Silence the sabotaging inner critic questioning if you can really have it all. When we open our ears to our life's unique calling - worlds of wonder can harmoniously blend. For me, it took consciously releasing guilt over “abandoning” my stable job and leaning fully into visualizing my dream.

 Gather your village - share your dream with loved ones to line up practical and emotional support. Transparently communicate with loved ones to align support. My husband was initially anxious but soon became my rock.

  • Make an action plan - break down big goals into small steps. Setting little milestones builds momentum. Explore logistics like training requirements and budget then break into achievable mini goals.

Feel your infinite power!

In closing, I hope my story of discovering my calling as a breastfeeding counselor encourages you to start mindfully unearthing your suppressed passions. Summing up my main suggestions:


  • Believe in yourself and your innate talents - every mom was born to make an impact and realize her power!
  • Decide what feels right for you and your family - only you know your full vision.
  • Manifest dreams into reality through committed small steps!


To all you cozy moms juggling mommyhood, I see you. Give yourself grace and permission to color outside the lines of one-dimensional mothering. Within each woman lies an infinite kaleidoscope of possible identities and self-expression. When you courageously create space for ALL that you are - worker, artist, healer - your new wings will naturally emerge as you fly higher. And your babies will cheer loudest watching mom soar!


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