How to increase amount of milk with Bottleless Breast Pump

How to increase amount of milk with Bottleless Breast Pump

The ideal option for all types of mothers who want to provide their babies with the freshest and healthiest nourishment is a bottleless breast pump. Breast milk provides the baby with the proper nourishment, promoting growth. However, some moms might not always be able to breastfeed the child, particularly if they work if the baby is early and has difficulty attaching to the nipple.


A breast pump can make breastfeeding more convenient and save your life. A feeding pump machine is a tool that enables lactating women to express milk whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

Even moms who intend to breastfeed their children exclusively should keep a bottleless breast pump on hand as a backup in case they must spend an extended period of time apart from them.

In these situations, breast pumps always come to the rescue and allow moms to provide breast milk for the infant. Breast milk pumping also improves milk flow and alleviates engorgement problems.

If you want to use them more frequently, feeding pump machines are excellent. Switching to an electric breast pump can be very beneficial and less taxing because manual breast pumps can be exhausting.

What is a bottleless breast pump?

Pumps that don't require bottles are frequently used to efficiently extract breast milk. The proper amount of pressure is generated by a motor in feeding pump devices, which automatically and swiftly extract the milk.

Electric breast pumps use electricity or batteries to create a suction that makes it easier and more comfortable to extract milk from the mother. E-tubes are sometimes included in pumping devices so that the breast shield can be connected to an electric pump to create suction.

Are Electric Breast Pumps More Dependable and Safe?

While adopting bottleless breast pumps has numerous extra benefits, manual breast pumps still provide moms more control over how much milk they make.

One of the main benefits electric pumps have over manual pumps is their enhanced flexibility. Compared to manual pumps, it helps in getting results faster and in less time. Because they offer a stronger suction than manual pumps, electric pumps help the woman produce more milk.

All-in-one size is much more comfortable to wear with less weight and visibility significantly. It has 3 modes and larger 9 intensities that help to increase milk production which allows you to start modestly and finish huge.

The closed system of the Momcozy M1 wearable breast pump entirely separates milk from the motor and pump parts. When wearing this bottleless breast pump, there is no need to be concerned about leakage.

Features of MOMCOZY m1 wearable breast pump


Unified Body Design

It is offered in a smaller version that fits on the breast more comfortably and with less bulk, improving invisibility at work and during daily activities.

Less than 50dB Sound

This breast pump is so inaudible that it won't draw attention from bystanders while you're pumping in public and won't wake up your baby even on a quiet night.

9 Intensities and 3 Modes

It has 3 modes and 9 intensities which enable more minor suction adjustment, allowing mothers to discover the ideal force for each breast and experience less pain and greater satisfaction.

Massage your baby before pumping to replicate its feeding pattern and maximize milk production.

Bottleless Breast Pump: easy to assemble

The Momcozy M1 wearable breast pump boasts an all-in-one design with four replaceable pieces that are simple to separate and put back together.

This pump has three sizes of flanges, 21/24/27mm, to effectively address the issue of areola and nipple size.

BPA-free and effortlessly clean

The Momcozy hands-free breast pump attachments are constructed of soft food-grade silicone that is simple to clean and remove while yet keeping a tight seal for the best possible suction. It has a maximum suction range of 320 to 360 mmHg.

Around 70 percent of all families with a breastfeeding baby also use a breast pump in addition to breastfeeding to build up milk reserves, to overcome breastfeeding problems, or to be able to feed their baby when mum is not around. 

But which breast pump is the right one for your purposes? With the large selection on the market, the decision is understandably not an easy one. So that you can find the right breast pump, we have put together for you which breast pumps are available and how they differ.

The breast pump as a breastfeeding aid

It doesn't matter whether you want to pump occasionally or regularly: A manual or electric breast pump that suits your needs can be an ideal help. 

In the case of various causes – for example, flat or inverted nipples, premature births, or long-term separation from the child – there is the option of borrowing a large electric breast pump from the pharmacy on prescription; if necessary up to nine months. 

A prescription manual breast pump you don't have to return it later. Please note that when you rent an electric breast pump, you usually only get the pump base. You have to buy the breast attachment set in the pharmacy. In addition, the prescription has to be renewed every few weeks. 

Unfortunately, returning to work is no reason for a prescription. If you know that you want to pump regularly, it makes sense to buy a handy bottleless breast pump.

You will also need suitable, shatterproof storage containers, such as plastic breast milk bottles or bags without bisphenol A, that can withstand freezing. Ideally, before you pump for the first time, you should get some storage bottles and – if you want to pump frequently (several times a day) – a pack of breast milk bags.

Note:  You should not store breast milk in the first two to three weeks after birth, because your breast milk changes a lot during this time and only becomes so-called mature breast milk after about two weeks.

Which breast pump is the right one?

Manual breast pump or electric Bottleless Breast Pump!

A manual breast pump or manual breast pump is intended for occasional pumping, but can also be a more comfortable choice for frequent pumping. It is particularly light and handy and can be easily assembled and disassembled. You can also use them especially when you start breastfeeding - for example, to support the flow of milk or to express excess breast milk - and they are quite cheap in price compared to electric pumps.

An electric bottleless breast pump can be the ideal solution if you use it more frequently, as a motor does the sucking for you - expressing breast milk with comfort. A device with two pumping rhythms is ideal here: The milk ejection reflex is triggered in the stimulation rhythm, and only then is the milk efficiently pumped out. 

80 percent of all mothers like to use the stimulation rhythm of the breast pumps and emphasize that it gently prepares the breast. By the way, with an electric breast pump, you can express yourself on one breast while you breastfeed your baby on the other!

So that no valuable drop is lost

When breastfeeding or pumping from one side, milk often flows from the other breast as well. You can easily save this leaking milk with the breast milk catcher. If you're breastfeeding or pumping on one side, simply place it on the other breast. It is made entirely of silicone. 

Squeezed briefly and then placed on the chest, the catcher is held securely by a natural vacuum and creates a gentle suction. It is completely silent and hands-free. It is important to know that the silicone breast pump/breast milk catcher does not replace a conventional manual breast pump or an electric breast pump if you want to increase or maintain your milk supply.

Double breast pumps are particularly suitable for frequent, very regular pumping. Because you can pump from both breasts at the same time, you get more milk in less time with a double breast pump.

How to increase the amount of milk with Bottleless Breast Pump?

You can also increase the amount of milk by pumping in addition to breastfeeding, as pumping from both sides is very stimulating. Therefore our tip:

If you feel like you're not producing enough milk, you can pump bilaterally for a while with a double breast pump to get your milk production going again. Alternate pumping can help if you're expressing with a simple electric breast pump.

Example: You pump left for ten minutes, then right for ten minutes, left for five minutes and right for five minutes, and finally left and right for three minutes each. If you want to additionally stimulate your milk production, frequent breastfeeding or pumping, possibly also at night, is recommended.

You can use bottleless breast pump for pumping from one or both sides. With three individual modes in the pumping rhythm and two different suction attachment sizes, it is particularly individual and ideal for frequent pumping. You can easily read the pumping time on the large LCD (with a backlight for nighttime use).


No matter which pump you choose: As soon as you have found your way of breastfeeding and pumping works well, your breast pump will make your everyday life much easier. You can take some time for yourself again. And feeding your baby breast milk from a bottle is certainly a great experience for dad too.

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