All about Hands-free Pumping- How to Make Your Breast Pump Hands-free

How to make your breast pump hands-free

Extended periods of pumping bound you, and you may not multitask. Pumping may rapidly become your full-time occupation of choice. If you are interested in learning how to pump without using your hands, we ask that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. You may finally get rid of the pumping efforts now that you have access to the most cutting-edge technology available, which does not need you to use your hands in any manner.

We will provide detailed instructions on expressing breast milk with an electric breast pump —a self-contained breast pump.

It is no longer required to hold the breast pump in one's hand when pumping now that wearable breast pumps are available. It is possible to conceal some breast pumps under a nursing bra, such as the MOMCOZY models. The breast pump will automatically transition into expression mode when a bummer occurs. One of the prominent and significant differences between the other pumps and MOMCOZY is that the MOMCOZY pumps help to prevent leakage. It also has breast milk bags to prevent it from leaking. MOMCOZY pumps milk into reusable bottles and stores it in the refrigerator.

Why is hands-free pumping the most effective thing to do for a mother?

Being a mother is sometimes synonymous with leading a "busy" lifestyle, and women are typically quite skilled at attending to several commitments simultaneously. As a direct consequence, hands-free pumping is the most logical way to free up one's hands. It is much easier for mothers to carry out other duties, such as caring for our small kid or older child, eating, cooking, and other reassuring home tasks, when we do not have to use our hands. Because of this, pumping is not the only thing that is made easier for mums; these other activities are also simplified. If you are required to spend the whole day sitting at a desk and do not have the luxury of taking breaks, an effective alternative is to save desk work for times when you can pump breast milk.

Have you ever come across such a statement?

"Is there a way I can do this while also boosting the amount of breast milk I produce?" "While pumping breast milk, if possible, it can increase the volume of milk drained and the pace at which it is emptied by doing additional tasks or even sleeping." Consider a few considerations when searching for a nursing bra you can also use for pumping breast milk. In addition, you will need to get a dependable breast pump and figure out how you will use your hands while pumping breast milk.

Recommendations for hands-free pumping:

In practice, it is possible to pump with any MOMCOZY pump without using one's hands, and many options are available. Breast pumps are available in various forms, including breast pumps, wearable breast pumps made of silicone, electric breast pumps, and even breast pumps driven by batteries. When you are pumping without using your hands, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • What is it that you want to take away from this interaction?
  •  Do you have any more milk that you could put in the fridge in case there is a sudden need for it? 
  • Is it even somewhat possible that one might consume it in place of a meal?
  • Do you increase your milk production with the assistance of a power pump?
  • What kind of a reaction do you generally get when someone pumps? 

Which of the following is more important to you: 

  • Boosting the suction or enhancing the comfort and stimulation. 
  • Is it even somewhat conceivable to find a happy medium that accommodates both?
  • How long do you plan to continue pumping?

We are excited to announce the release of the MOMCOZY Pumping Bra and the new and improved Duo Breast Pump. You may find both products on our website.

Guide on how to use:

It is recommended that you purchase MOMCOZY right soon.

To function as a hands-free pumping, the nursing bra has to keep its shape but be flexible enough to accommodate your pumping flanges. Additionally, the flanges need to be held against the breasts.

You may find that pumping is more enjoyable if you dress in comfortable attire. Before making a purchase, it is essential to check the size chart included with the breast pump bra. 

Find out from your insurance company if they would pay for the repair out of their pocket or provide you with a refund.

Over time, the flange will become saggy, failing the suction seal. This action will not provide the desired outcomes over the long run. It is not a good idea to pump while wearing a regular bra since its support is inadequate for the activity. Because this is so important, you shouldn't push the pump's flanges too much. If the pressure is too intense, it might prevent blood flow, resulting in excruciating agony.

Flanges that are either too little or too large are useless, so don't buy them. You shouldn't apply any pressure on the areola, and your nipples shouldn't try to push against the funnel's restriction. Both of these things might cause discomfort. Visit a lactation consultant for assistance if you are having trouble. 

When pumping breast milk, clothing that provides "easy access," such as a nursing dress or a nursing top, might be helpful. It can make the procedure go more smoothly. Things may become much less demanding for you if you ease into your exercise without worrying about keeping your shirt up or being able to work and pump modestly. It might make things a lot easier for you.

Before adding any pump attachments to the configuration for your pumping session, you must ensure that the breast shields or flanges have been appropriately placed into the pumping bra. Before placing the pump through the pumping bra, you should retract the breast shield and squeeze the bottle as you usually would. It is the correct way to operate the pump.

Please wash your hands before continuing!

It would be best if you made any necessary adjustments to the hands-free pumping bra or bustier so that it is more user-friendly.

Before assembling the rest of your set-up, you must ensure that the flange has been attached to the breast safely and securely.

If you want to continue putting together your pumping materials, including the diaphragm, the tubing, and the breast pump, you need to ensure that your bra is completely zip-up.

Activate the water supply system. It is unacceptable to stand there and watch milk drop out of the container. You should feel some suction as it begins to function, but you shouldn't experience any pain. You can give your full attention to the current endeavour without worrying about using your hands.


It is time to start using your hands for everything, including working, eating, watching the children, reading, and relaxing. In addition, a technique known as hands-on pumping may significantly influence your pumping schedule while also helping to sustain it.


Benefits of "hands-free pumping."


Even though it may seem inconsistent with the remainder of this statement, the most significant benefit of "hands-free pumping" is the ability to massage and apply higher pressure to any portion of the body that could benefit from it. Pumping by itself cannot stimulate or reach all sections of the breast; however, massage may help boost all areas of the breast and assist in the transfer of milk from the ducts to the milk.

Since our infants can swaddle themselves while breastfeeding, we do not wrap them when they are being fed. Because of the same motivation, they will massage us. Pumping breast milk while giving the appearance of breastfeeding is a typical deception.

Things to do:


To grasp the breast well, you must position your thumb on the top of it and your fingers below it. You should try to achieve a position in which your torso and spine are gently squeezed inward as if you were trying to make a precisely symmetrical circle. This phase should be utilized whenever the stimulation or massage setting triggered the letdown or milk flow response or whenever milk flow has returned to normal after being stimulated. Also, you should use this phase once the milk flow has returned to normal after being promoted.

It is essential to remember that the flange might easily break if the suction is allowed to sag or if compression is applied too near the edge of the flange. It would be best to avoid both of these scenarios at all costs.



Suppose you're trying to find an item that you can use daily. The better, the quieter and more compact is from MOMCOZY. Even if some heavier pumps let you see through them, you may still wear them about the house. It is easy to extract the milk and pour it into bottles for use or storage, and simple it is to clean and reassemble your pump after each use.

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