Is Electric Breast Pump Effective for New Moms?

Is Electric Breast Pump Effective for New Moms?

The latest breastfeeding guidelines recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months and then continuing until at least two years of age (or as long as the mother and baby so desire). Buy an electric breast pump, but many mothers use the wrong method. 

In order to get the most effective use and ensure the preservation of nutrients in milk, mothers need to know some notes when using a breast pump. Let's find out what to keep in mind.

However, many mothers, especially for work reasons, have to be absent for several hours a day already in the first months of their baby's life: in these cases - for all those who still wish to continue breastfeeding - it is necessary to find a solution.

Often the hours of INPS breastfeeding to which you are entitled to help do not solve the problem: if we cannot be physically present to give the breast to our baby we can still give him breast milk using the bottle.

How to store it using a manual breast pump or an electric breast pump?

In this way we can stock up on breast milk to use when we are not there; we can then leave the containers to those who take care of the baby (grandparents, uncles, babysitters, or even the kindergarten teachers) to give the bottle at the time of feeding.

But which breast pump to take? There are many models of different price ranges; let's take a look at the best models!

How to Buy an electric breast pump?

The electric breast pump is usually the best choice: it is more powerful than a manual breast pump and therefore should be able to express milk in less time and more efficiently.

These models compared to the manual ones are usually more expensive and more cumbersome since they need a motor to be able to work (even if in the latest models the motors are really small).

Notes when using an electric breast pump

Read the directions carefully before use

  • Before you start smoking, you need to choose a comfortable sitting position.
  • You need to clean your hands and parts of the breast pump.
  • Depending on the needs and time of the mother, choose the right type of breast pump suitable for you. These are manual and electric breast pumps, single or double.
  • Nipple funnels need to be properly selected.
  • Milk after pumping needs to be stored properly and in the right way.
  • When pumping properly, the mother feels comfortable and gentle, and the milk comes out evenly. But when used in the wrong way, abnormal signs will appear immediately, so mothers need to be careful.
  • Mother needs to be taken care of, such as diet and scientific activities.

The effect of an electric breast pump

  • Using a milking machine brings many practical benefits to both mother and baby
  • Ensure milk supply for the baby without worrying about lack of milk
  • Mom can go to work with peace of mind because the baby is taken care of with the mother's milk saved
  • Avoid excess milk, and clogged milk ducts, ...
  • Protect mother's breasts
  • Baby gets used to bottle feeding. Later, when the mother wants to wean the baby, it is easier.

The breast pump is considered an indispensable tool for mothers, it is useful for mothers who have more milk, or for mothers who work and cannot breastfeed their babies regularly.

Breast milk is a nutrient-rich food for the newborn, and when it is not possible to breastfeed the newborn the use of the electric breast pump becomes essential, on the market, there are different types of breast pumps, both manual and electric, generally, they are small, formed by a cup that is placed on the breast and by a collection system.

When to use the breast pump?

A breast pump is an indispensable tool for mothers all over the world, it is a tool with which you pull the milk from the breast to be able to do it to the newborn when you have the chance. The use of the breast pump should not be excessive as it can cause pain and damage to the breasts.

The use of an electric breast pump is recommended when the baby is left premature, as babies are too young and cannot latch on to the breast. The breast pump is used by mothers who are unable to breastfeed their babies due to work needs or health problems such as mastitis, breast fissures, or breast engorgement.


How to use the breast pump?

The use of the breast pump should not be excessive; it must be used moderately as it could cause pain or problems in the breast.

For the correct use of the breast pump, you need to buy a cup suitable for the size of your breast, and it will be enough to perform sessions of 15 minutes per breast, the draw should not be painful or annoying. After use, the electric breast pump must be sterilized and cleaned.

A breast pump is an effective assistant for many breastfeeding mothers because it helps mothers always have an abundant milk supply available for breastfeeding, and at the same time stimulates more milk after giving birth. So how do mothers increase milk with a breast pump to achieve the best results?

Should I stimulate milk with a breast pump?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life because there is no natural source of nutrients to help babies develop healthy and natural like breast milk.

However, many mothers encounter cases of slow return of breast milk, blocked milk ducts, and little milk, so stimulating milk with an electric breast pump is an effective method with uses such as:

  • Reduce clogged milk ducts:after giving birth, mothers are often prone to blocked milk ducts, especially women who have given birth to their first child. One of the main causes of this condition is excess milk due to the baby not taking all the milk. Mothers can use a breast pump to pump excess milk, and avoid stagnation, clumps blocking milk ducts.
  • Stimulate lactation:help mothers prolong breastfeeding time.
  • Take advantage of colostrum:Colostrum is very good for the baby's digestive system and usually only for about 48 hours after birth. In the event that the mother cannot call for milk or the baby has not yet sucked, the mother can use an electric breast pump to get this colostrum for the baby to use later.

The most effective way to increase milk with a breast pump

Choosing a quality breast pump

Choosing the right type of breast pump will be an extremely important part of successful milk stimulation. Today, breast pumps on the market are quite diverse and diverse from models to prices.

There are two types of breast pumps: portable breast pumps and electric breast pumps. Which, the type of electric breast pump is divided into double electric breast pump and single electric breast pump. Mothers should choose breast pumps from reputable brands with clear origin, origin, and instructions for use to avoid buying poor-quality products.

Ways to stimulate milk with a breast pump

Simultaneous pumping while breastfeeding: this will promote the maximum effect when applied in the first 6 weeks postpartum. Many mothers have the misconception that breastfeeding and pumping at the same time will cause the baby not to have enough milk.

However, the milk glands of the two breasts do not have a conduit. Breast milk is secreted on demand, so sucking and sucking at the same time will help the body understand that the baby needs milk, from which more milk will be secreted.

Express milk immediately after feeding: After the baby has had enough milk, the mother can use an electric breast pump to pump for about 10 more minutes. This will empty the milk glands, helping the milk to be secreted faster and more abundantly.

Pump milk about 1 hour before feeding: with this method, remember not to pump for more than 20 minutes.

Why Mothers Trust on Momcozy S9 Pro Wearable Breast Pump?

  • Moms may save more time with the S9 Pro's hands-free pumps because they operate more quickly and efficiently.
  • Pumping in baby-stimulation mode causes less pain in the nipples and promotes more letdown.
  • Use in silence throughout the silent night, low 50db sound to prevent waking the infant.
  • 280–300 mmHg suction range of hospital grade.
  • LED display, allowing for quick reading even at night.
  • Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes if not in use.

24 Hours on a Single Charge

For an entire day outside, use one charge every day. This S9 Pro electric breast pump only needs 2.5 hours to fully charge for 6–8 pumping sessions totaling 180 minutes of pumping thanks to its larger capacity battery and quick charging Type–C charging connector. The worry is further reduced by auto shut-off after 30 minutes.

Flexible and intuitive

The S9 Pro breast pump has two modes of expression and mixed suction, each with nine strength levels, which stimulates the baby's natural sucking rhythm and boosts milk production, enabling mothers to obtain more milk in less time.

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