New Year Kiss for Moms

New Year Kiss for Moms

Physical touches and affection are very important aspects of our social and family life. Sharing hugs and kisses with loved ones is the best display of affection, love and care for each other, and moms-to-be or new moms need that the most. It is how we demonstrate how much a person means to us, their importance and significance in our lives.

The pregnancy period can be a very challenging phase for both partners, but it can be well overcome if there is mutual understanding and respect. They both need to support each other and give the other time to rest and realign, especially the mom. The period right after giving birth can be overwhelming for all women, and it is very important to receive the right foundation and comprehension that she needs.

Around the New Year is so amazing that we all share moments of tenderness and warmth, and they mean so much for the mom-to-be or new mom. One thing that has really helped me after giving birth and while breastfeeding was the breast pump, which has allowed me to still do my daily activities, while also taking care of the baby and being around my family during holidays.


My baby’s first kiss

The first kiss for my baby was magical. It is something that I have never felt before, like a whole world was opening up in front of me, and it was completely different from any other feelings I had before becoming a mother. His soft skin and innocent eyes were like a blessing for my soul, and it is a moment I will never forget. If you are asking yourself what are the things that a baby needs most after being born, my answer would be simple - love.

Of course, he needs all the care in the world, while he is embarking on this new journey called life, but along with that, he needs to feel the warmth of a loving family. Sharing kisses is how I show my child that he is safe, he is loved, and he is growing in a healthy and loving space that will guide him in his journey that is just beginning. 


My husband’s kiss after giving birth

Life comes with involuntary changes, and giving birth is one of the most important and precious aspects of it. For moms-to-be is more intense, because their body changes and transforms to prepare for the creation of the new life inside of them, and that comes with a lot of difficult moments for the mom and the dad.

Right after giving birth, I was so excited to see my baby and of course, my husband. His kiss on my cheek felt as if I was safe and protected, and most of all, loved. He was feeling so proud of me and of the moment itself, and you could see the happiness in his eyes.

Loving and taking care of each other is primordial in maintaining a healthy relationship through all the phases it might be, and sharing moments of affection, especially after giving birth, meant so much to me.


The kiss from my parents

Becoming a mom is not an easy task, but it is one of the most satisfying experiences that one can get if, of course, one desires to. Even though now I am the same person, a lot of the things I used to believe are now different. I think it is very important for new moms to have the right support and understanding when they find out they are pregnant.

Having my parents' support means the world to me. The first kiss we exchange in the New Year is so significant for the whole family. Through gestures of care and affection, we show how much we appreciate each other.

After giving birth, the kiss on the forehead that my dad and mom gave me made me feel like a little girl again, but with bigger and better responsibilities, such as raising a baby. The support of a family is extremely important and valuable to me.


Old friend’s kisses

When meeting old friends from childhood around the New Year, it always feels like a blessing. When we share hugs and kisses, the number of memories and moments in time that come right back to my memory feels like an explosion of joy. It is so great to have good friends who accompany you on the new journey of becoming a mother, love and care for you, and show their affection every time they have the chance. One of the most important things for me as a new mom was to still have the sense of my own self, to remember that I am still my own person, with my old life, with friends, but now with a new life to take care of and love, and I think that feeling is amazing, as it gets reinforced when I meet friends from the old times, when I had not become a mother yet.

During the time of the pregnancy and in the process of recovering after giving birth, there are a lot of adjustments that the mom-to-be or new mom can do to make her body feel better, such as pregnancy pillows. They are very useful and most of all relaxing, as it is well known that these periods are extremely tiring and stressful for mothers. It is very important to take care of ourselves, and not ignore the signs of fatigue that our body is transmitting; resting whenever we feel like we need it, and prioritizing our well-being for a healthy pregnancy.


The takeout

As challenging as it might seem from afar, we as women are wired to become mothers. We have an instinct for preservation and creating a life that is unique in the world, and that is why we deserve to be celebrated, and most of all, we deserve to love ourselves, so we can give more of that love to everyone around us, including our children. We deserve to be shown the same love as we do for everyone else, and receiving kisses from loved ones, especially in the New Year, is so important and precious to us moms.

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