Pump in Style: How British Celebrity Mums Juggle Breastfeeding and Fame

How British Celebrity Mums Juggle Breastfeeding and Fame

Andy Warhol said we'll all be famous for at least 15 minutes. But I'm not sure my 15 followers on Insta really qualifies as fame. What I am interested in, though, is learning how other busy British mums fit their breastfeeding routines around their hectic lives. And surely 'mum life' can't get much more chaotic than when you're also a celebrity?

When I'm watching TV, flicking through a magazine or scrolling through my socials, I'm often left wondering: How do these UK celebrity mammas balance fame and breastfeeding?

Luckily, more and more UK celebrity mums are openly sharing their breastfeeding tips, thoughts, and advice through various media and social channels. And more importantly, by discussing their thoughts publicly, they are also helping to break down the last remnants of stigma attached to public breastfeeding.

Normal and Natural: Breastfeeding Benefits

The glow around celebrity women can sometimes make them seem slightly supernatural. They aren't! But whenever they appear in the media, it's easy to forget that famous mums are only human.

Like the rest of us, they have the same host of concerns that surround motherhood, particularly breastfeeding-being famous doesn't shield you from that. And the bond that's formed between mums and their babies when we nourish our children with breast milk is something that unites mums everywhere.

But we can't deny we often look to celebrities for inspiration for anything from fashion advice to fitness tips. So, why not look to them for their breastfeeding advice too? Especially when so many British celebrities are championing the benefits of breastfeeding for both mums and their babies.

With that in mind, I'd like to share my favourite celebrities who fearlessly role model breastfeeding while in the public eye.

The Best of British: Breastfeeding Celebrity Mums

We have many wonderful women from all over the United Kingdom who balance hectic public life with being great mums-and mums who have breastfed! Let's take a closer look at our brilliant British breastfeeding celebrity mums:

Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Wales

Her Royal Highness, Catherine of Wales, has been a vocal supporter of breastfeeding. And while our charming princess may be known for her grace and diplomatic skills, she is also a fine example of hands-on motherhood for many British mums.

As we might expect, Kate prefers to breastfeed discreetly. However, she has spoken about how she managed to fit in her breastfeeding routine around her royal appointments which is no mean feat.

Having such a prominent member of the British Royal family speaking openly about breastfeeding is proof that the stigma around the topic is being shattered from the top down!

Read more: Kate Middleton talks breastfeeding: 'It's a struggle'.

Michelle Mone: Express Class Businesswoman

Baroness Mone is a Scottish entrepreneur and businesswoman who understands the challenges faced by working mothers. Her top tip for busy breastfeeding British mums is to invest in a quality breast pump. It was through expressing milk that Michelle made sure her babies had the best nutrients-her breast milk-while enabling her to share feeding duties with other caregivers. She reminded all British mums that pumping is still breastfeeding.

Portable pumps, like this one from Momcozy, means mums can pump milk even when they are working, holidaying, or if you're a Baroness, performing your duties in the House of Lords. And it's also a great way to involve your wider family in the breastfeeding routine.

The Power of Nutrition, the Alex Jones Way

Alex Jones is best known for co-presenting The One Show. But as a celebrity mother, she's also vocal about the importance of maintaining a balanced diet while breastfeeding. The Welsh TV star encourages fellow UK mums to make sure we stay hydrated and focus on healthy eating to support milk production while we breastfeed.

Alex believes that a healthy diet boosts our energy levels and overall well-being when we're balancing our busy lives and breastfeeding. And providing there's a couple of cheeky treats allowed every now and then, you won't see me arguing!

Relax Into It Like Christine Lampard

The Northern Irish television presenter, Christine Lampard, is another celebrity supporter of breastfeeding. The mum of two had to balance early starts with breastfeeding for both of her two children. But she's open about not pushing herself too hard.

The pressure for many celebrity mums to prioritise body image must be huge. And Christine admits that while 'Everyone's obsessed with photographs on Instagram of your morning outfit', she cares 'less now than I've ever cared' about her appearance. She's very passionate about putting her children's needs over how she looks. She has also said, 'It truly amazes me what your body can do to keep another little baby human alive.' And I couldn't agree more.

To prioritise breastfeeding in comfort, I use my adjustable nursing pillow. It helps relax me and my little one into our feed even when life gets a little hectic.

Rochelle Humes-style Courage and Confidence

English singer and television presenter, Rochelle Humes, is another celebrity voice for UK breastfeeding mums. She shares her breastfeeding stories on various social media platforms as a way to inspire other UK mums to embrace nursing their babies in public.

Many of us also want to express while on the go. So having a good bra that supports a portable pump is a must. I love my Momcozy one as it's perfect for when I'm multitasking even if the only place I'm likely to sing is in my car. My portable Momcozy pump fits neatly inside so I can get on with the business of being the star of the show in my own little way.


Being a breastfeeding celebrity mum may not be any easier or more difficult than us less famous British mummies. But by sharing their breastfeeding stories with the British public, they've been both honest and brave.

Their openness helps shed light on what was once a topic that wasn't openly discussed. And it is for this reason, we thank them. All British mums can learn from the wisdom and experience of other mums whether they're famous or not. And I hope that wherever you live in the British Isles, you'll grow in confidence to nurture your baby in public or private just like so many mums have before.

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