S12 Affordable Wireless Breast Pump in 2022

S12 Affordable Wireless Breast Pump in 2022

If you want to chest feed or breastfeed, you spend a lot of time (as in, 5 to 87 hours per day during the first 4 or 5 months) feeding your baby. If you’re building up a stash for time away from baby or pumping to boost your milk supply, you’ll spend even more extra time. This can sound like a very difficult task (and it is), but it benefits you and your child! One way to live your natural life. You can still meet your goals by using an S12 affordable wireless breast pump.

What is a breast pump?

A breast pump is considered a medical device. FDA defines it as a breast pump a medical device with a trusted source that helps women increase or maintain their liquid milk supply. A breast pump can be an electric or manual device. They can be a single expression (which pumps milk from one breast at a single time) or a double expression (which pumps milk from both breasts at the same time). They can be available with a closed or open system.

What Is a wireless breast pump?

An affordable wireless breast pump is a tube-free, hands-free, wireless and completely affordable, and portable breast pump that you can use right in your bra.

Traditional or common electric breast pumps are plugged into the wall and held against the breast during your pumping period (this may take 15 to 40 minutes each). A wireless breast pump gives you total freedom to do all types of chores or tasks and gives you some time for yourself while pumping the milk.

A wireless Breast Pump can be worn inside like a common nursing bra so that mothers can pump their milk completely hands-free anywhere and anytime. A mother can perform pumping sessions either at work, on the go, or at home.

An affordable wireless breast pump is available in 2X less visibility and 2X smaller size. It reduces the weight burden on the breast and space problem in the bra.

The physical buttons on breast pumps have a longer service life, compared with modern touch screens. The visual screen on breast pumps will inform the pumping status of your breast pump at any time. In a breast pump, the sound frequency is less than 50 dB when used, and this won't disturb or tease a sleeping baby.

Features of S12 wearable breast pump

The following are the best features of a wireless breast pump

  • It is a very lightweight and portable breast pump.
  • Affordable wireless breast pump has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh.
  • Mothers can pump breast milk anywhere, any time.
  • It can be used for about 1 hour and 30 minutes after being fully charged.

The wireless breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, which is marked with a tick mark. In a breast pump, the recommended breast pumping volume is 120ml. This breast pump takes a few seconds to put inside your bra and start pumping. Affordable wireless breast pump contains only 6 parts to clean after pumping the milk.

For this week, we are going to address such a worrying topic for moms: the stoned breast.

There are several doubts, such as: when is the right time to do the relief milking? How should it be performed? Should it be manual or with the breast pump? Among others…!

After all, how to prevent stoned breasts?

The milking of relief should be performed every time the woman realizes that the breast is becoming engorged, that is, harder and stiffer. In addition, it should be performed mainly during the period of the clasp, when the breast tends to have this characteristic more frequently.

And the big question is: how are we going to carry out this milking of relief to prevent the stoned breast? Ana explains that the woman should start making circular movements, and massaging the breast, before starting the milking processes itself.

In addition, the nurse advises you to massage the breasts well and after that, place four fingers under the areola, supporting the breast at the base, and one above the areola. After that, move to join your fingers, without letting them "run".

How do stimulate the output of milk to relieve the stoned breast?

The intention of the relief milking is not to stimulate milk production, or for storage, but to make the breast more “soft” and the mother more relieved, with less risk of getting the breast stoned. In addition, this process will certainly make it easier for the baby to "handle" and also prevent engorgement, which can often lead to mastitis.

When to stop stimulating milk output?

Ana guides the woman to do this process as many times a day as she needs and for as long as necessary. She reinforces that there is no rule, the mother must always evaluate according to her body and her breast.

The specialist also indicates that the woman should reduce or stop this process as the milk comes out and she realizes that the breast is freer. That is, at the moment when she is no longer feeling so much discomfort, consequently, it will be easier for your baby to “pick it up” and make the sucking movement.

Manual or automatic affordable wireless breast pump

In addition to the tips mentioned above, Ana also teaches us how to milk manually or using an affordable wireless breast pump. Here what counts is her preference to avoid the so fearless cobbled breast!

As explained above, for manual form, the mother should start massaging her breast in circular motions to stimulate the release of milk.

Remembering that after massaging well, she should place four fingers below and one above the areola, making a position with her hands as if it were a letter "C". The nurse also reinforces that the fingers should not “run”, but rather, join so that the milk comes out.

Mom can also opt for the breast pump, either electric or manual. During this process, she will attach this pump to the breast, leaving no space between the breast and the pump, so as not to create a vacuum between the pump and the breast.

The pump is a great alternative for the child to continue drinking breast milk, especially in situations where the mother is not present, such as at the end of maternity leave or in the case of premature birth, which usually cannot breastfeed in the first days after birth.

Below, we list other situations in which affordable wireless breast pumps can help a lot. 

She is good at emptying the breast

Sometimes the breast becomes so full of milk that the baby cannot even take the breast to start breastfeeding. In these situations, the breast pump is very useful because it empties the breast so that the baby can suckle right away. In addition, a very full breast can be very painful and in this case, the device also helps a lot.

Stimulate milk production

Some women may produce a little less milk than others and the pump helps a lot to stimulate this production.

Ease and speed up milking with an affordable wireless breast pump

It is possible to do the milking manually, but this process will certainly take a long time. The pump pulls in a much larger amount of milk, so the process will be faster and more convenient too.

Allow the donation of breast milk

There are some breast milk banks so that women who have enough milk can donate to premature babies. Those admitted to neonatal intensive care centers are also benefited. The milk banks are located in maternity hospitals, and in some cities, a partnership is made with the some health departments so that it is collected at the donor's house.

Donation is important because this milk brings many benefits to babies, including reducing the risk of infections and increasing immunity, as well as helping the child's digestive system.

As you won't depend on the movement of your hands, the rhythm tends to be smoother and the suction is done more precisely. So you usually get more milk than with a hand pump.

 Therefore, she is more suitable for mothers who suffer a little with very full breasts and, on the other hand, still want to donate the surplus of the baby's feedings to the milk bank in their region. And, by the way, it's worth remembering, that it has a more sensitive touch than the manual model.


But don't think that this manual model is not good either. Its price is usually much lower. In addition, it has a much longer shelf life and is very easy to carry in your bag. On the other hand, milk withdrawal is a little “stronger”, which can bother more sensitive moms.

The automatic affordable wireless breast pump is a great ally for mothers in different situations. If you are breastfeeding, have one to make your day-to-day easier.

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