Why Silicone Breast Pump is the Best Choice for Mothers?

Silicone breast pumps in 2022

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the development of infants and young children. Is there any happiness like seeing the baby grow up day by day with this precious milk? However, in the process, many mothers encounter milk stasis, too much milk or the pressure of work, and no time to breastfeed. Therefore, the Silicone breast pump becomes the savior of mothers in this situation. But not everyone knows which type of breast pump is good.

Silicone breast pumps

Which is the best Silicone breast pump?

Momcozy S9 Wearable Breast Pump

Momcozy has an electronic breast pump structure that works quietly. The sound is completely noiseless, affecting the sleep of the baby and the people around. Therefore, women can carelessly work while expressing milk.

The body is small and the inside is close to the chest. Compact milk storage funnels design, curving curves following the breast. Thanks to its capacity of 120ml it avoids leakage during pumping when women travel.

S9 is the Most Reliable Breast Pump Today

Today's market has many types of breast pumps such as manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps... of many different manufacturers. Therefore, mothers must learn carefully about the price, product, and features. However, we would like to introduce to you the top Silicone breast pump that is trusted by the majority of mothers today.

S9 comes with a hospital standard design in terms of function and cycles that simulate the same as a baby's suckling, contributing to increasing the amount of milk in the baby's breasts and maintaining a long-term source of breast milk.

Smooth Working Operation

 In the machine, there is a soft silicone funnel and a massage function combined with milk suction, which helps the milk to be secreted completely, without any tightness or pain in the breasts. The suction power of the machine is strong. Another plus point of this machine is that it sucks milk smoothly, without making any noise. You can bring it to the office, workplace, or public place without much impact.

Why do you need a reliable silicone breast pump?

A breast pump is a tool that helps mothers after giving birth to directly pump milk. This amount of milk will be sucked out by mothers to store for the baby to drink gradually, so the babies still have enough milk to drink on the days when the mother has problems with lactation.

 The use of a breast pump can limit the blockage of milk that many new mothers experience. The reason is that with each feeding, the baby does not take all the milk in the breast. The milk stagnates a lot, causing pain and discomfort. Therefore, after each feeding, mothers can use a breast pump to extract excess milk. In addition, this also helps stimulate milk ducts to secrete more regularly.

Should you pump breast milk?

Currently, many mothers are facing milk loss due to many different reasons such as lack of milk, early milk loss, blocked milk ducts, the fullness of milk after giving birth, not breastfeeding regularly, and feeding the baby the wrong way. Both are causing pain to the mother and affecting the quality of the milk supply.

To overcome the loss of milk due to these causes, the use of a breast pump is considered an optimal solution. Not only ensuring the milk supply for the baby to suckle but pumping with a pump also helps the mother's milk come back more and faster than the baby sucking directly because:

When pumping, the mother's body will understand how the baby's demand for milk is so that it produces more milk. This is also the reason why mothers who lack milk use breast pumps.

Silicone breast pumps

Should I use a Silicone breast pump?

In addition, the use of a breast pump and bottle feeding will help the baby concentrate more; the baby will suckle more milk than direct feeding. While the baby is breastfeeding directly, the baby is held in the warm arms of the mother, which easily makes the baby fall asleep when the stomach is still not full.

In addition, when weaning the mother will not have to wean the bottle and wean the baby. I just need to change the milk. As for babies who are directly breastfed, it will take a long time to get used to weaning and bottle feeding.

Should mothers with little milk use a breast pump?

The answer is to use a breast pump for mothers with little milk. Why?

Mothers should know the benefit of a Silicone breast pump is that it can pump milk when breast milk is abundant to avoid clogged milk ducts, helping to store frozen breast milk for babies when the mother is away. In addition, frequent pumping also helps stimulate the milk glands to come in more quickly, so it is very suitable for mothers with less milk.

During the 6 months of breastfeeding, a mother needs to store enough milk to feed her baby every day. The invention of the breast pump has greatly assisted mothers in ensuring that enough milk is available even when not near the baby. So, here are the outstanding advantages that breast pumps bring to both mother and baby:

  • Stimulate milk in more: The breast pump will do the job of pumping milk until the milk supply is exhausted, at which time the mother's body will send out a signal to produce milk for the baby. The amount of milk will come in evenly and continuously when the mother performs regular pumping.
  • Reduce the risk of breast engorgement, mastitis, and blocked milk ducts: When mothers experience blocked milk ducts, mothers need to use a breast pump so that the suction force of the machine helps unblock milk ducts, helping mothers minimize the condition. 

Mothers with low milk should use a breast pump.

Advice: For mothers with little milk, when pumping, the mother should divide it into several pumping sessions during the day. The more you pump and the more persistently, the more breast milk will come. Combining regular pumping and direct feeding is an effective solution to stimulate milk production.

To produce more milk, in addition to the above things, mothers need to keep themselves in a relaxed state and avoid stress along with a reasonable diet with some types of drinking water or milk-friendly foods.

Does pumping with a Silicone breast pump cause the mother to lose milk?

The correct use of a breast pump to pump milk not only does not lose milk but also limits milk clogging, and helps to stimulate milk; breast milk comes in faster and more often.

How long does one pump last?

Each time, pump for 15-20 minutes for each feeding. Shorter pumping intervals will not be enough to stimulate the mammary glands. In addition, pumping milk outside of this period is also not good for milk production because pumping for too long will damage the tissues of the mammary glands, affecting the ability to make breast milk.

How much milk to pump at one time?

After the first week after giving birth, mothers can use a breast pump and pump with an amount of 50ml-80ml every 2-3 hours. If the mother gives birth to twins, the amount of milk to be pumped will double, keep increasing if the mother gives birth to 3 ...

After about 1 month, the amount of milk that needs to be pumped every 3-4 hours is 80-110ml, about 700-900ml per day. (Note: It may take some time for you to reach this number, but take it easy and be patient.)

By the time your baby is 6 months old, your baby will need to be guaranteed 170 – 220ml of milk every 4-6 hours, which works out to about 1000ml – 1400ml of milk per day.

Outstanding Benefits of a Silicone Breast Pump

In addition to building a diet for themselves with food groups that are beneficial to mothers' milk, breastfeeding mothers are also particularly interested in breast pump products.

A silicone breast pump helps mothers to store excess breast milk after each baby's feeding. With this amount of milk, the mother can freeze it for the baby to eat gradually. As a result, mothers can rest assured that their baby will always be fully supplied with breast milk, even if the mother is sick or has blocked milk ducts.

Silicone breast pumps

Breast pumps help babies get used to breastfeeding early. In fact, there are many babies born prematurely, so they have to separate their mothers from birth. Therefore, the mother using the best breast pump will ensure that the baby always gets breast milk.


The Silicone breast pump minimizes the blockage of milk ducts in the mother's breasts. Blocked milk ducts are a common condition of nursing mothers. But the root cause is that the baby does not suck all the milk in the breast each time. This leads to the mother's tension, pain, and discomfort, even severe can have a very dangerous abscess.

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