What comfort Breast Pump brings to a new mother?

What comfort Breast Pump brings to a new mother?

The breast pump is one of the healthiest things a mother can use to breastfeed her child since it not only gives the child nutritious milk, but also strengthens the mother-child relationship. The first six months of an infant's life should be spent solely breastfed, according to the WHO. However, breastfeeding rates have decreased globally for a number of reasons.

Every mother and child has unique needs, and these needs can alter as you nurse and express your milk. In order to better understand which pump is best for each circumstance, let's first examine the variety of pumps that are available.

Which breast pump kind should I pick?

You have two primary options in terms of pump technology. Knowing these will assist you in determining what features you desire from a pump.

An electric or manual pump?

Manual pumps are more affordable, quieter, and useful for sporadically expressing than electric versions. However, if you use them regularly, it can be laborious because you have to continuously pump the handle to create the suction.

Since the machine performs the pumping for you, electric pumps are simpler and more practical to use. A technology called 2-Phase Expression imitates a baby's natural sucking motion.

A single or dual breast pump?

The best pump for occasional expressing is a single electric pump. It is more practical to utilize a double pump, which simultaneously pulls milk from both of your breasts if you need to express milk frequently, whether for health reasons or because you've started working again.

A double pump produces 18% more milk than pumping from each breast separately on average, and it cuts the time you spend expressing in half.

Why choose Momcozy S9 Wearable Pump?

Pump free; living free

Suppose invisible pumping? Born to support mothers in returning to their regular lives or jobs.

The Momcozy S9 breast pump is portable, wireless, and light enough to be worn invisibly. With five intensity settings that are tailored to each breast for effective milking, this wearable pump is rechargeable for continuous usage over 3–4 sessions.

No Tangled or Disorganized Cords

Pump whenever and wherever you like with your own hands-free pump while wearing a typical nursing bra. No tangled or disorganized cords to hinder you or get in the way.

You won't have to spend any time away from your child because this product was made for multitasking mothers. Take good care of your infant and resume living naturally.

It Facilitates you to travel Outside of your home

The small wearable breast pump, which weighs only 1 pound, can be an excellent choice for carrying around the house, traveling, or going to and from the office.

The USB charging cord and around 80 minutes of battery life make the rechargeable battery ideal for use in cars and other locations without regular electrical outlets.

It Maintains and Boosts Milk Supply

With 10 different levels of intensity across 2 massage and expression modes, it has been designed to not only perform the job but also keep you comfortable. For proper milking, it provides up to hospital-grade 300mmHg suction.

Suggestion for a product

A double electric breast pump, like the Momcozy S9 Wearable Pump, will allow you to gather more milk in less time, making it great for brief pumping breaks. A lightweight portable pump is ideal.

Hopefully, you feel a little more informed about the kind of pump that is best for you now.

Even more comfort: adjustable suction power and a co-sleeping cot

The breast pump also provides more comfort for the woman, especially when she feels the difficulties of breastfeeding: her breasts are swollen and her nipples are sore. A well-used breast pump should not cause pain, especially in models with adjustable suction power. 


This function is only available on electric extractors. As for manual breast pumps, the suction power can only be adjusted manually. It is not easy, especially for people who have not yet practiced in this matter. After expressing milk, you can feed your baby at night using a bottle to give your breasts a break.

What comfort Breast Pump brings to a new mother?

An additional comfort will provide a co-sleeping cot that will make the baby within reach of your hand. You won't even have to get up to feed him. Many parents decide to share their bed with the baby, but this can be problematic and unsafe, especially at first.

 Parents may be afraid to sleep with such a fragile child, and even such a small baby can take up a lot of space and wake up mom and dad with uncontrolled kicks. That is why co-sleeping cribs are so appreciated. 

Who needs a breast pump?

A night feed or an attempt to involve the father in the process of feeding a newborn is not the only times when it is worth using a breast pump. It can be applied in many situations, so it is no wonder that it has become so popular in such a short time.

It can be very useful right after delivery when you have to be away from your baby for a longer time: for example, in case the newborn has to stay a little longer in the hospital. Also, some baby illnesses (heart defects, neurological diseases, cleft palate) simply make breastfeeding impossible or difficult. If in these cases, you do not want to give up breastfeeding, a breast pump will be essential.

Breast Pumps Help in Stimulating Lactation

The breast pump also helps to stimulate lactation - for example during the first hours after childbirth - and to cope with low milk production that can occur during lactation. Also after cesarean delivery, a problem with lactation may occur; in this case, it is good to additionally stimulate the extraction in this way. 

On the other hand, the breast pump will also be very useful in case of breast engorgement, when the breasts are sore and full of milk. To relieve yourself, express some milk before feeding. However, make sure you don't express too much milk, as this can be counterproductive and can further stimulate lactation.

The electric breast pump also helps with the problem of sore nipples. It may happen that, due to a poor feeding technique, a shallow latch on the breast by the baby, or an excessive appetite of the child, the nipples become injured. If the pain increases during breastfeeding, use the breast pump and feed your baby with accessories that do not interfere with his sucking reflex.

Sometimes you can't feed your baby when he's hungry

 For different reasons: you are taking medication or you are simply not at home because you are taking advantage of your right to rest. In this case, you can express the milk when it suits you and freeze it. Just remember to maintain an adequate pumping rhythm so as not to disturb breastfeeding.

The breast pump can make you relax and feel a bit of freedom. It always allows you to have feeding for the baby on hand without worrying about breastfeeding. You simply pour the expressed milk into a bottle and you can go with your baby anywhere, or have a dad come along.

The process of expressing breast milk is also unproblematic - when you are alone, you can place the baby, for example, in a rocking chair.

 If you are only going to use it at home and occasionally, it is better not to invest in more expensive electrical equipment. On the other hand, if you plan to go out with your baby often and therefore use the breast pump regularly, you should opt for the electric option with the possibility of charging it in an outlet, with batteries, or with a car charger.

Pay attention to this when choosing a breast pump

Breast pumps vary from each other. You can find models with different extraction speeds, and suction power adjustment, as well as with a package of important accessories, such as a massage cushion, which additionally stimulates breastfeeding. Above all, when looking for a suitable model, keep in mind where and when you are going to use it. This will make your purchase decision much easier.

Milk extraction rate

A very useful function is biphasic suction. Thanks to this option, the breast pump is more efficient. The first phase consists of stimulation; it is when the suction is more dynamic. Thanks to this, milk is produced quickly. The second phase mimics the baby's natural sucking, so it is deeper and much slower.

Final Consideration

Greater efficiency, thanks to the additional stimulation of the nipple, also guarantees massage cushions. Take care to choose the correct size of the cushion. How to check it? Place the cushion on the nipple and check to see if the nipple touches or rubs against the edges of the shield. If so, please choose a larger cushion.

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