Which Hands Free Electric Pump Is More Efficient in 2022

Which Hands Free Electric Pump Is More Efficient in 2022

Breast pump manual or electric: how to make breastfeeding easier? Advantages and disadvantages of different types of hands free electric pump. The importance of expressing milk in breastfeeding.


Manual or Electric Breast Pump: Which Should You Choose?

The range of breast pumps on the market today is quite large and varied, so it is important to research the options and choose the really best one. Consider the pros of electric and manual gadgets.

A breast pump is a real salvation for a nursing mother. During lactation, it is important to monitor the decantation of excess milk and the preparation of "reserves" for the time when the mother is not around.

Today, many mothers return to work within a month after the birth of the baby. Thanks to hands free electric pump, he receives quality breast milk throughout the day.

4 Types of Hands Free Electric Pump

The range of such equipment on the modern market is quite large and varied, so it is important to explore the options and choose the really best one. All breast pumps are divided into several types, including:

  • Electric;
  • Pump action;
  • Syringe;

Electric breast pumps are the most popular. Their price can reach several thousand rubles, but the result is worth the money spent. Another option is to purchase a handheld gadget with a pump, syringe, or plunger. It costs less, but in practice, it is not as convenient and efficient as an electric one.

Impact of hands free electric pump on Woman's Health

In addition to household practicality, a hands free electric pump has a positive effect on women's health - it prevents the appearance of cracks in the nipples. It also ensures the complete expression of milk. Otherwise, lactostasis may occur.

 The milk clumps, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain. This is harmful not only to the mother but also to the baby.

An electric two-bottle breast pump is a great option for mothers of twins because it saves you a lot of time. Many models have the function of two-phase suction - this is a technology that mimics the natural sucking of the baby at the breast. They have several modes.

 The gentle stimulation mode allows you to prepare the glands for the release of milk - a neat, painless, and gentle effect.

An important factor is power regulation. Too-sensitive breasts require a particularly delicate approach, and it is the hands free electric pump that can provide it.

A manual breast pump can also make breastfeeding easier. One of the main advantages of a mechanical gadget is its affordable price. The best choice is the piston version. It works well but is difficult to clean. Thanks to the wide pad, the skin is protected from cracks and bruises, and the lever allows you to pump with the right force - more or less intensively.

When it is necessary to resort to the use of the electric breast pump?

The use of the hands free electric pump is useful/necessary in all those situations in which it is not possible to breastfeed the baby. The reasons that can hinder the breastfeeding phase are different, among these we remember:

  • Premature birth: Premature babies are sometimes unable to latch on and suck their milk properly and for the time needed to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Presence of postnatal pathologies and disordersdue to which the baby must be kept under observation or subjected to treatments that do not allow nutrition through breastfeeding.
  • The need to get away from the baby(as happens, for example, when the new mother is forced to return to work before the end of the breastfeeding period).
  • The onset of disorders in the mother, such as:
    • Breast fissures
    • Breast engorgement
    • Mastitis

Finally, we remind you that, in some cases, the use of hands free electric pump can be made to increase the production of breast milk when this is insufficient.

Did you know that ...

Women who produce large quantities of breast milk can resort to the use of the electric breast pump in order to collect significant quantities and donate them to the so-called milk banks that are responsible for providing the precious food to babies without their mothers or whose mother cannot provide their nourishment.


Electric or Manual hands free electric pump?

The choice to use the electric breast pump rather than the manual breast pump generally depends on the reason for which it is necessary to express the milk and on the frequency with which this operation must be carried out.

In general, the manual breast pump is ideal when the operation must be done occasionally (for example, if it happens to be away from the baby for a few hours); while the electric breast pump is recommended when you have to express milk for longer periods of time (as happens, for example, in the presence of breast disorders and postnatal pathologies for which the baby cannot be breastfed directly).

The hands free electric pump, in fact, allows you to extract larger quantities of milk faster and less tiring than the manual breast pump, a speed that is further increased when the instrument is equipped with two systems for simultaneous extraction from both breasts. In addition to this, electric breast pumps:

  • They are designed to reproduce as faithfully as possible the suck-pause rhythmtypical of natural breastfeeding;
  • They stimulate more milk secretion;
  • They have the advantage of being able to adjust thedraft speed according to the needs of each woman. In this regard, we remind you that the latest generation hands free electric pump are able to carry out a stimulation phase characterized by a very fast sucking that stimulates the outflow of milk, followed by the actual pumping phase, usually slower and more intense.

How to use the electric breast pump correctly?

Learning to use the electric breast pump is very important in order to express breast milk without damaging the breasts.

Actually, pumping milk using this tool is not an overly complicated process, however, it requires a certain degree of practice and the adoption of some precautions. Therefore, the main phases of the correct use of the electric breast pump will be briefly illustrated below.

How to choose the best hands free electric pump?

First, before proceeding with the use of the hands free electric pump, it is necessary to choose a cup suitable for the size of your breasts. The cup must fit snugly against the breast and must surround the nipple while leaving some space to prevent it from rubbing against it. The nipple must be free to move back and forth.

Once you have identified the cup of the exact size, you need to sit in a comfortable position, possibly, resting your shoulders and back.

Some women, before operating the electric breast pump, find it beneficial to massage the breasts to favor the milk ejection reflex. If the electric breast pump is of the latest generation and offers the possibility of performing the stimulation phase, preventive breast massage may not be necessary.

Once the previous operations have been carried out, place the cup against the breast, holding it between the index and thumb (or between the index and middle fingers), supporting the entire breast with the palm and the other fingers. To ensure the success of the operation the breast pump must be in a straight position and not inclined.

Hands free electric pump: Hygiene and Cleaning

Hygienic Rules to Follow to Use and Clean the Electric Breast Pump

Clearly, in order to ensure the safety of the child, it is essential to follow appropriate hygiene rules. Before using the electric breast pump, in fact, it is necessary to properly sterilize and clean all the parts of the instrument that will come into contact with the mother's milk and the breast.

Sterilization can be carried out by boiling (placing the objects in question in water at the boiling point for at least 20-30 minutes), or even better, using special sterilizers (for example, microwave sterilizers) sold in pharmacies, drugstores or other shops.

Why Momcozy S9 Pro hands free electric pump is Best for Mothers?

Lasts All Day Long. Pump Whenever, Anywhere.

  • The S9 Pro's hands-free pumps operate more effectively and quickly, giving mothers more time to themselves.
  • Pumping in baby-stimulation mode promotes greater letdown and lessens nipple soreness.
  • Use in the quiet night with a low-volume, 50 dB sound to prevent waking the infant.
  • LED screen, easy viewing even at night with one glance; hospital grade 280–300mmHg suction range.
  • Automatic 30-minute shut-off when not in use.

calm, streamlined, and very little.

This S9 Pro wearable breast pump has been downsized by 20% and is now 20% lighter, so there is no bulk or added weight in the bra.

You can pump entirely hands-free whenever and wherever you choose with no tangled or unkempt cables to hinder you or get in the way. An improved way to pump at home, work, or while traveling.

Utilizable and clean

S9 Pro hands-free pump, the Reddot Winner 2022, boasts construction and design patterns as well as FDA-approved entire food-grade safe silicone material.

It doesn't take long to start milking after inserting a wearable pump into your bra. It's simpler to disassemble a one-click on/off structure for cleaning.

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