Which is the Best Wearable Breast pump in 2022?

Which is the Best Wearable Breast pump in 2022?

It is time to discuss milk makers. While science has provided us with the best and a wearable breast pump that helps to keep your baby in a slow supply of liquid milk.

A breast pump is a manual or electric medical device that is used to draw out breast milk. Many mothers need to draw milk at some time throughout their breastfeeding life, whether to relieve distended in the early days or to allow their babies to drink breast milk.

Whatever the reason for expressing, a breastfeeding pump helps to extract more milk in less time.

Why use portable wearable breast pumps?

A wearable breast pump is considered an advanced medical device. The FDA defines such a pump as a medical device a trusted source that helps mothers to increase or maintain their breast milk supply. A portable Breastfeeding pump can be electric or manual. These portable pumps can be a single expression (which pumps one breast at a time) or a double expression (which pumps both breasts at the same time).

Any mother can put it inside their standard nursing bra. It can be pumped whenever or wherever with your own bare hands with a free wearable breast pump. There will be no other tangled or knot cords to hold your breast or get in a pumping way.

These wearable breast pumps are made for all types of mothers.  They cannot waste their time away from their babies so that mothers can take good care of their babies. Such mothers who use wearable breastfeeding pumps can get back to their natural life in a short time.

MOMCOZY S9 Wearable Breast Pump has the best features like


  • Our wearable breastfeeding pump has a Weight of just 1 pound.
  • This wearable pump could be a good choice whether on any trip, around the house, or far from the office. You can feel amazing after using a such pump.
  • A wearable breast pump is available with a USB charging cable.
  • It can be charged for 3-4 using time. Its rechargeable battery lasts about an hour and 20 minutes.
  • You can also charge in the charging hub of your vehicle while driving.
  • You can also use our wearable pump in the car or in other places where you do not have access regularly.
  • The milk cup of the wearable pump is made of free silicone with food-grade BPA. Your wearable pump has just a few parts to clean and assemble.
  • You can complete your cleaning with any bottle brush with a little hot water.
  • Our wearable breast pump has 2 modes of expression and massage.
  • It has 10 intensity levels to make sure it will not only do its job but also provide comforts for all mothers.
  • It has grade 300mmHg suction to get fresh and steady milking.

The importance of the breast pump

The breast pumps are on the list of essential items in the baby's layette. Check out the main benefits of the accessory:

  • Stimulate milk production;
  • They are more practical to store the milk;
  • They favor the donation of breast milk to specialized banks;
  • Make the healing process of sores or bruises on the nipple easier;
  • They are allies when Mom needs to go away or go back to work;
  • They also help to maintain the baby's access to breast milk if the little one has any limitations that prevent him from breastfeeding at the breast, such as premature babies.

What to consider before choosing a breast pump?

The firecracker will accompany the mother for long months and even years, so some points must be taken into account:


Nobody wants to buy a product that does not last, right? Therefore, evaluating the quality of the item is very important! 

The firecrackers last for years and can be saved for breastfeeding the next baby. 

In some cases, after the time of use, the mother donates to another.


There are models of pumps suitable for each breast. 

When choosing yours, make sure it is ideal for the anatomy and size of your breasts. Otherwise, it can bring discomfort and even cause injuries at the time of extraction.


The breast pump needs to be practical! 

Milking in hand pumps usually takes longer. In electric pumps, the time is reduced.

Check which one best fits your situation.

After milking with the pump, where to store the milk?

When we talk about storing breast milk, we need to take some precautions:

  • After milking, the ideal is that the milk is stored in a container for exclusive use;
  • The potty must be sanitized and sterilized so that there is no contamination;
  • If possible, label the container with the date and time of milking, this will help to keep track of breast milk;
  • Store in the freezer.

Important: After storage, it is ideal to consume it within 15 days.

How do thaw stored breast milk?

The idea is to leave the milk (still in the closed container) in the fridge. Right after heating it in a bain-marie.

If the baby doesn't consume all the milk, throw it away!

The importance of breastfeeding

The act of breastfeeding goes far beyond its basic principle, which is to feed the baby with the best food he can receive.

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits, not only for the baby but also for the mother.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is recommended that babies receive breast milk exclusively until six months of age, and may extend to two years of age.

Even after six months, breast milk still brings nutritional and immunological benefits to the child, reducing the risk of infections and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, for example.

I'm going to share what I've learned about expressing milk with a wearable breast pump based on my personal experience.

What I'm going to share and what I've learned seems to me to be what all mothers, who have to do it regularly, end up intuitively learning. This will only serve as a shortcut.

  1-Expressing milk is a matter of self-confidence.


Adjusted expectations

After the dazzling phase, little comes out after all. Does it come out little or do we have high expectations? If after my baby is fed I extract 20 or 30 ml, that's not a small thing! If I have a 3-day-old baby and I extract 20 or 30 ml, that's no small thing!

Okay, but it's just that NOTHING comes out! Don't even cover the bottom of the bottle!

It won't come out now, this time, but it will.

3- Extracting milk is also a matter of persistence.

This happened to me when I tried to express milk for the first time with my second child. He was admitted to the neonatology unit in the morning, with 24 hours of life, and I went to the pump for the first time in the late afternoon.

 He would have suckled about 6 times until then (more or less), which gave us a precious advance (in every way).

Now I know that in the literature it is recommended to extract colostrum by hand, as it is much easier and more suitable than with any type of pump – and that is what I always say when a mother needs to extract at this very vulnerable stage. I didn't know it at the time, but it showed me the experience.

Self-confidence and persistence at the maximum level

With each extraction with the wearable breast pump, we remove more. Now it fills in a little bit of the bottom. After a while you won't see the bottom anymore – maybe it's a good idea to take it into a small cup or even a spoon! We don't want to lose any precious drop of this liquid that is worth more than gold. Next time you can fill a 5 or 10 ml syringe.

If we are extracting colostrum and must continue to do so, between the 3rd and 5th day postpartum we will likely notice a (more or less) slight change in color and quantity.

Insist to breastfeed directly at the breast as soon as enteral feeding (milk) has been released and refuse supplements unnecessarily.

Be present in neonatology all day to breastfeed, all the time, free on-demand – which, unfortunately, is still a practically impossible mission in many neonatologies in this country.

Have an extraction routine

It is recommended to extract at night and I knew it at the time, but I confess that I did it a few times. I chose to rest and compensate during the day.

Keep the focus

I knew he was a high-demand baby, who drank a lot of milk during the night, and I had to leave him enough for 3-4 drinks (100-150 ml each!). My thought was: "Today I'm going to take X ml to leave." It wouldn't drop the bomb until it hit him.

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