Kiss with lips, Speak with heart

Another year of accompanying, from your pregnancy to nursing, we present in your every hard time to see you through.

Hence, when the midnight clock strikes to leap to the 2023 year, we want to gift our new year kiss, the congregation of blessing, to you. When the end meets the start, that’s a new round cycle of our companion. Happy new year, still kiss you every day in 2023!

In Light or Shadow, Love Budges Not

When sadness meets joy, that is life. When new life meets mature you, that is eternity. When you meet us, that is love.

When they Receive the Gift
@Shaun Derenzo
Limited Gift Box
USD $99.99 $154.99
What's inside | S12 Pro breast pump | Breast massage |Support Nursing bra | Velvet-soft diaper | Diaper pad bag

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