Love Is in the Air: Eight Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities

New parents celebrating Valentine's Day

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day as New Parents

If this is your first Valentine’s Day as new parents you may be wondering how to squeeze in a romantic date when you have a newborn or young infant. Perhaps you’re nervous to leave your little one with a sitter, or childcare isn’t an option right now.

If so, why not plan a Valentine’s Family Date that includes your baby?

To help with your planning, we've curated a list of Valentine's Day activities that are family-friendly while keeping the needs of new parents in mind ( i.e. breastfeeding, diaper changes, nap schedules). Because this holiday should be about celebrating love, not adding to your stress as a new parent.

Family celebrating Valentine's Day

It's a Date! 8 Valentine’s Day Family Date Ideas

Any activity with a newborn can be challenging considering how often they need to feed and how frequently they sleep. Thankfully, there are plenty of quiet, calm places where you and your partner can go to enjoy a romantic date, even with a young infant.

1. Visit an Art Gallery

Art galleries are naturally quiet spaces. You and your spouse or partner can enjoy beautiful works of art, and your newborn can come along.

You might be able to bring a stroller into an art gallery, but a baby carrier is probably easier. Check out Momcozy’s Ergonomic, Cozy and Lightweight Carrier to make going up stairs and maneuvering around exhibitions much easier. The supportive waist belt makes baby wearing not just comfortable, but cozy, too.

Also, many galleries have cafes inside, or a hip coffee shop just around the corner so you can continue date night, without disturbing your sleeping beauty by putting them in the car seat. Enjoy a sweet treat or drink to celebrate the outing together.

2. Head Out For a Nature Walk

If it’s not too cold where you live, why not take a beautiful nature walk at a local park or walking trail for the family date? Your little one could be in a stroller or Momcozy baby carrier and if you time it right, you could catch the sunset together, too.

Wearing baby with the Momcozy baby carrier on Valentine's Day

3. Explore Botanical Gardens

Too cold for an outdoor stroll? Head to your nearest botanical garden for a family date instead. You and your little one will enjoy the warm space complete with beautiful flowers, fragrances and calm scenery.

4. Plan a Bookstore Family Date

Are you a book lover? Share your passion with your baby early on, who loves listening to your voice. Note: three months is when your baby's eyesight will develop to see shapes and patterns. But their favorite part of book reading will be YOUR face. During the infant phase, your baby loves looking at you so bring on the animated faces as you flip through magical pop-up books and beautifully illustrated classics. They also love looking at themselves in the mirror, though they don't recognize who they are just yet. Many bookstores have comfortable children’s areas with couches or seating where families are encouraged to read together.

You could start a new Valentine’s Day tradition by buying a new book each year on this family date. What a special way to make memories with your children!

5. Visit a Local Farm or Ethical Petting Zoo

Farm visits are family favorites that even young children remember for years. Make sure to take some photos of you and your little one propped up next to or petting (hand over hand) a pony or sheep for the first time. Engaging new senses are always great for your baby!

Peruse the farm's website or call ahead to see the farm's event calendar and see if the farm offers wagon rides and the specific parking situation.

Breastfeeding Tips: Most farms are located in rurual areas, so be prepared with your Momcozy pumping supplies or our Traveling Bottle Warmer; it’s cordless, perfect for on-the-go feeds!

6. Visit an Aquarium or Marina

Another wonderful family date idea for Valentine’s Day is visiting an aquarium or marina. Experiencing the wonder of sea life is an experience for the whole family. Some aquariums offer special hours a few times a month, perfect for a Valentine’s Day adventure to remember.

7. Schedule a Family Mini Shoot

Babies aren't the only ones who should dress in hearts and red outfits; you can too! What better way to commemorate your first family Valentine's Day than with some photos? Depending on your budget, you can have a friend take the shots or go all out with a professional photographer. Many offer mini shoots. While you get fewer photos the cost can be more affordable. And if your photos don't turn out perfect, don't stress. What matters most is capturing the love you share.

And for the cherry on top, why not make it a full family date? Go out (or through the drive-through) for your favorite dessert or create a simple sweet treat after the photo shoot.

Did you know? Babies begin intentionally smiling between 6 - 12 weeks in response to you. Until then, the grins are reflexes to bodily functions (including gas), but they're still sweet to see!

Photoshoot pro tip: To help curb fussiness, plan to shoot around baby’s feeding schedule and wake windows. You can nurse baby just before the shoot (or during!). To make nursing easier be prepared with a proper nursing bra and breast pads to absorb any leaking.

8. Enjoy a Meal

As new parents, it can be stressful to take your little one to a restaurant.

Here is your reminder that you can still have a romantic date on Valentine’s Day as new parents. Create wonderful memories by having a special family breakfast at your favorite pancake house? Or a nice late lunch instead of dinner? This way you can dress up and enjoy your meal, based on the best time for your family. If you'd like to enjoy special time just for two, you can order fancy takeout when baby goes to bed.

Infant feeding tips: You do not need to leave the table to pump milk for your baby! Momcozy has the perfect solution for discreet pumping with its All-in-One Wearable Breast Pump. Enjoy your family date while never skipping a pumping session with  a convenient, wearable pump.

A mom is pumping while enjoying a meal.


Consider celebrating this Valentine’s Day by having a family date. Choose one of the activity ideas listed above, or come up with your own family date ideas. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day as new parents or you have years of memories together, the point is love and bonding - flowers and chocolates are totally optional.

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