Having a Cozy Holiday Can Include Parties, Right?

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Tips to Get You Through Holiday Parties While Breastfeeding

There’s nothing more special than spending time with loved ones over the holidays. And if you are bringing your baby to the family to see friends or relatives, the joy really does brim over.

Navigating holiday parties for breastfeeding moms can be a delight, but it’s not without its challenges. But by managing your feeding or pumping schedule, choosing the right clothes, and thinking ahead, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your holiday party just as you always have.

From one mom to another, here are my top tips for getting through holiday parties while breastfeeding:

1. Family-friendly Parties

If you’re spending cherished moments with family or close friends during the holidays then they will know you have a little one in tow. They’ll likely be aware that you’re breastfeeding too. They may think ahead and provide you with a space that will make breastfeeding more private and comfortable for you. If they don’t, I’m sure they won’t mind you asking.

Schedule Your Schedule

Give family and friends the heads-up that their scheduled party is slap-bang in the middle of your breastfeeding schedule. With some warning, they can keep a room or more private space in their home free to give you a little breastfeeding escape from the festivities.

Share Nursing Duties

Of course, many family members might like to get in on the breastfeeding act and give you a break. If you express milk before the party using your favorite breast pump, you can share the feeding duties with loved ones—it’s a real bonding experience for the family!

Christmas party with family

2. Catching Up With Co-workers

If you’re on maternity leave no one’s going to expect you to turn up to the office party. What could be a better excuse for dodging the bad jokes and stilted conversation than having a little one at home? But if you want to use the holiday party as a time to catch up with office gossip, that’s cool too.  

Boss Baby

Your work holiday party might be a low-key affair, so it might be appropriate to take your baby. Especially if it’s at lunchtime or during office hours. Most offices will provide a place for you to breastfeed in private, especially if you ask beforehand.

If you’re not sure that you’ll be able to nurse at the office, use one of Momcozy’s hands-free breast pumps to express milk before you attend a holiday party. This way, you can feel more confident nourishing your baby in public with your breast milk. It’s also a great back-up if you can’t find anywhere convenient to breastfeed.

Plus, it’s good to know that you are legally allowed to breastfeed in public anywhere in the US so they can’t really say no.

Baby Break

You may not want to take your baby into the stuffy environment of your workplace though. And if the party is going to be a loud or excitable affair, it’s not going to be a great environment to relax into a feed. So leave the little one at home with your partner and some expressed milk. You’ll know your baby is getting your nourishing milk while you’re out enjoying the holiday spirit.

3. Breastfeeding Bling

Any breastfeeding mom will tell you that dressing for comfort and convenience is key for enjoying holiday parties while breastfeeding. Choosing the right outfit will help you nurse or pump discreetly. Opt for dresses or tops that provide easy and quick access to your breasts or a looser fit if you prefer.

Best Foundation

Wearing a great nursing bra is another clothing essential to add privacy while maintaining a great silhouette. Or even better, be a cozy mom and get one that does double the job. My one from Momcozy doubles as a nursing and pumping bra, giving me the choice to breastfeed or pump depending on the environment.

Party Sparkle

Don’t let anyone tell you that breastfeeding during holiday parties doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. Even if you have to adapt the type of tops you wear, you can still break out the bling.

While you may want to avoid brooches or long necklaces, anything that might catch, you can wear sparkly earrings or hair accessories. That way your glitz stays out of your way come feeding time but still brings some festive cheer to your attire.  

Christmas party

4. Customize Your Kit

The holiday season requires moms to be ready for anything. Surrounding yourself with the right kit means if the holiday party turns out to be a riot, you’ll still be the calmest mamma in the room.

Stay Flexible

When I attend holiday parties that are held at locations I’m less familiar with, I go prepared. I may feel comfortable enough to nurse, but I may not. So I make sure I’ve got gear that

helps me keep to my feeding schedule no matter the situation.

Get The Gear

I take my portable pump for extended celebrations, I express milk and store it so that I can take milk with me in case nursing is impractical, and I always, always take my baby sling. Having a reliable way to carry my baby while circulating at a party makes holding conversations so much easier. More than this though, my carrier acts as a discreet partial cover if I can find a convenient spot to breastfeed.

5. Communicating Your Needs

Times are changing and more people accept that nursing at public events is a natural way for the community to thrive. Many event locations may provide explicit areas for moms to breastfeed or can accommodate your needs if you ask.

Share your schedule with family, friends, colleagues or the party planner ahead of the event and you’ll find they are more than happy to cater for your needs. Don’t hesitate to let others know what you feel will make the event a blast for you and your breastfed baby—it's your holiday party too!

Stay Merry and Bright!

Breastfeeding during the holiday season can be a fulfilling experience when approached with thoughtful planning and timely communication.

Holiday parties bring a splash of colour to the bleak days of mid-winter, and there’s no reason why you can’t provide your baby with the best nourishment while enjoying some festive cheer. You’ll can share cherished moments with your loved one and carve out new memories with your little one.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season filled with love, laughter, and little baby cuddles.

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