How to Choose Best Portable Breast Pumps?

How to Choose Best Portable Breast Pumps?
If you’re planning to buy a breast pump, then you only need electrical portable breast pumps. It can make a mother’s life very easier.
If you don’t know much about Portable Breast Pumps and you buy any traditional breast pump, it will be a costly mistake to invest in a such breast pump that doesn’t work well. We know it’s hard to know, and if you decide that you’re ready to buy a portable breast pump, we have the best options to help you to find the right one for you.

Here is the Momcozy, we have the best manual and electric breast pumps which are on the recommendations of our honorable experienced parents in the Momcozy community.

What a mother needs to know before buying a Portable Breast Pumps?

Today most mothers regularly use a breast pump to collect their milk. portable breast pumps can help to increase your milk supply too. If someone maybe a grandparent is looking after your baby, it means that you have milk at the ready so that they can feed your baby when you’re not at home.
If you are away or at work, a pumping session can also help to relieve your turgid breasts. It will be good for your breasts and you too!

How to choose the best Portable Breast Pumps?

Choosing a manual or electrical breast pump is your personal choice that how well its condition or capabilities are for you or your needs. If you are at home, a traditional breast pump may work fine, but if you’re going out somewhere then portable breast pumps will be best as you can put them in your bag.
We know that Manual pumps are usually cheaper and are often easier to put in your bag when you are going out. But electric portable pumps are more useful. They can be rechargeable. You won’t need to carry around its cables with you.
Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump is ready to help mothers to go back to their previous normal lives. S9 hands-free pump is wireless, compact, and light. This breast pump is rechargeable for the use of 3 to 4 sessions in a day.
It can be worn inside a regular bra. Mothers can express pumping wherever, whenever with portable breast pumps. It is specially made for all types of multitasking mothers as they cannot waste their time away from their babies.

Features of Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump

  • Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump has a weight of just 1 pound. If you are around the house, or to and from the office, this portable pump could be a good companion in your life.
  • It has a rechargeable battery. It can last about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable. You can also use it in your car or a place where you have no access to a regular outlet.
  • The milk cup of portable breast pumps is made of food-grade BPA-free silicone.
  • It has five parts to assemble or clean. You can clean it with soapy water and a small bottle brush.
Breast milk is in fact the basis for your baby's future health. Breastfeeding is also an absolute gesture to create a unique and deep bond between mother and baby.

Mom mounting the Portable Breast Pumps

However, there are circumstances where it is not possible to breastfeed every time the baby is hungry. Work, non-postponable commitments or travel can interfere with the feeding cycle. Here then is that in some situations the solution of adopting the breast pump becomes really useful and functional, as also revealed by an American study published on, which shows mothers how to choose the most suitable breast pump.

Which type of breast pump is best for you?

From electric to a manual breast pump, the choice depends on several factors.
Electric Breast Pumps - They are quick to express and are best for moms who pump their milk several times a day, moms who need to pump it in the workplace, for example.
Medium-electric or battery-operated Portable Breast Pumps: These are suitable for mothers who pump about once a day- mothers who usually stay with the baby but want to have some extra milk on hand for emergencies. These breast pumps pump the milk slower and collect less than the electric ones, but they are also less expensive.
Manual breast pumps: They are best for mothers who prefer a cheap and quiet option in a calm and relaxing situation since this method is very slow and time-consuming.

When should you start using the Portable Breast Pumps?

It depends. If you are planning to return to work soon, then you can start using it right after your baby is born. It can happen that it takes some time for the milk to come out, sometimes it takes two weeks to pick up the pace. So, as the American researchers recommend, don't be discouraged. Instead, try to avoid stressing yourself, because stress is the number one enemy of new mothers.
Wait 4-8 weeks before feeding the baby.
While you can start pumping as soon as you want, it is usually best to wait until your baby is one month old and breastfeeding is well underway before bottle feeding.

What is the best time of day to use the breast pump?

It is best to use the pump one hour after meals to allow the breast time to fill. If your baby has just finished breastfeeding, do not use the breast pump: it can create an additional stress factor, risking compromising the flow of milk. For new mothers with a large production, it is possible to express the milk even after feeding and eventually freeze it.

How can I express as much milk as possible? No pain should be felt

during the draft. If not, try talking to a lactation consultant. He will give you tips for getting the most milk supply for each Portable Breast Pumps session. The trick is not to stare at the pump waiting for it to fill up; you know when you look at a pot on the fire and it never boils? Well, the same principle applies to the breast pump. Make sure you are well hydrated.
Keep a photo of your baby nearby. Sometimes having a photo or video of your baby will help your body release the hormones appropriate for milk production, as well as having a comfortable breast pump .which facilitates a comfortable extraction position.

How can I store breast milk?

Now that you have it out, what can you do with it? The main thing is to develop a good storage system. Buy the special containers and proceed to the milk labeling system with the extraction date. Keep it in single-serving portions equivalent to those your baby usually eats.
How long can breast milk be stored at room temperature?
The experts have determined that breast milk can be stored at room temperature for six to eight hours. However, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Breast milk stored in the refrigerator lasts up to 48 hours if intended for a pre-term baby, and 72 hours if it is for a full-term baby, provided the refrigerator is set to a temperature between 0 ° and -3 ° C.

How long does breast milk last in the freezer?

Breast milk in a freezer located in the refrigerator compartment keeps up to 2 weeks; while in the separate freezer it keeps up to 3 months. Once removed from the freezer, the most common methods used to defrost it are: store it overnight in the refrigerator; run it under hot water; immerse it in a jar of hot water; use a bottle warmer.
Once thawed, breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours or at room temperature for about an hour. The milk can be gradually heated to around 37ºCin a water bath for no more than 20/30 minutes. After heating the milk, its temperature must be tested immediately before breastfeeding, perhaps by pouring a small amount on the wrist; the milk should be lukewarm or at room temperature, but never hot.
The milk should be shaken slowly to redistribute the cream which often rises to the top during refrigeration. Do not defrost or heat breast milk in the microwave as this will compromise the nutrients and risk burning the baby's mouth due to the hot spots.

What to do if you have breast draw problems?

Having trouble with the draft can be frustrating but don't give up. The problem may be the type of breast pump: you may have chosen the one that is less suitable for your needs. If this is the case, the experts recommend changing it and trying a different type.
You can discuss this with your doctor. There is a wide range of breast pumps available, each of which varies in cost, quality, and efficiency; the optimal breast pump depends on your needs and how often it will be used.

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