How to Choose Best Portable Breast Pumps in 2022?

How to Choose Best Portable Breast Pumps in 2022?

If you’re planning to buy a breast pump, then you only need electrical portable breast pumps. It can make a mother’s life very smooth and comfortable.

If you don’t know much about portable breast pumps and you buy any traditional breast pump, it will be a costly mistake to invest in a such breast pump that doesn’t work well. We know It’s hard to know, and if you decide that you’re ready to buy a portable breast pump, we have the best options to help you to find the right one for you.

Here is the Momcozy, we have the best manual and electric breast pumps which are on the recommendations of our honorable experienced parents in the Momcozy community.

What a mother needs to know before buying a Portable Breast Pump?

Today most mothers regularly use a breast pump to collect their milk. portable breast pumps can help to increase your milk supply too. If someone maybe a grandparent is looking after your baby, it means that you have milk at the ready so that they can feed your baby when you’re not at home.

If you are away or at work, a pumping session can also help to relieve your turgid breasts. It will be good for your breasts and you too!

How to choose the best Portable Breast Pumps?

Choosing a manual or electrical breast pump is your personal choice that how well its condition or capabilities are for you or your needs. If you are at home, a traditional breast pump may work fine, but if you’re going out somewhere then portable breast pumps will be best as you can put them in your bag.

We know that Manual pumps are usually cheaper and are often easier to put in your bag when you are going out. But electric portable pumps are more useful. They can be rechargeable. You won’t need to carry around its cables with you.

Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump is ready to help mothers to go back to their previous normal lives. S9 hands-free pump is wireless, compact, and light. This breast pump is rechargeable for the use of 3 to 4 sessions in a day.

It can be worn inside a regular bra. Mothers can express pumping wherever, whenever with portable breast pumps. It is specially made for all types of multitasking mothers as they cannot waste their time away from their babies.

Features of Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump

  • Momcozy S9 portable Breast Pump weighs just 1 pound. If you are around the house, or to and from the office, this portable pump could be a good companion in your life.
  • It has a rechargeable battery. It can last about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable. You can also use it in your car or a place where you have no access to a regular outlet.
  • The milk cup of portable breast pumps is made of food-grade BPA-free silicone.
  • It has five parts to assemble or clean. You can clean it with soapy water and a small bottle brush.

A portable breast pumps is an extremely useful device for a nursing mother. Despite the ease of use, they, however, need to be able to use them correctly. And also - to know in what cases and how to apply.

Our guide will help you navigate these issues and achieve maximum benefit. There are contraindications. You need to read the instructions or consult with a specialist.

Nipple shaping in portable breast pumps

At the very beginning of breastfeeding, situations may arise when the nipple is not sufficiently formed (soft, not stretched out, or even drawn in). In no case should such a nipple be given to the baby, so as not to provoke attachment errors.

The use of a breast pump will help to stretch and shape the nipple. As a rule, only 2-3 minutes are enough for the nipple to stretch and harden. Nipple shaping is best done during the stimulation phase.

Note: The 2- Phase Expression technology was first created and applied in portable breast pumps based on scientific research on the mechanism of infant suckling. The first phase (stimulation) is a combination of high cycling of 120 strokes per minute and low vacuum - it is designed to provide a quick full flow of milk. 

The second phase, called the sucking phase (or expressed in the case of breast pumps), is characterized by low cycling of 60 cycles per minute and a higher level of vacuum. This phase is responsible for milk extraction.

Improper attachment in portable breast pumps

It is not always possible to immediately attach the baby correctly. Improper attachment leads to cracked nipples, lack of nutrition for the baby, as well as inhibition of lactation. In order not to miss the "precious" time of establishing lactation in the early stages, along with measures to adjust the application, it is necessary to begin to provide additional stimulation.


In this case, pump out the rest of the milk after each feeding, it is also possible to carry out pumping sessions between feedings. Even if a little or no milk stands out at all - do not worry. The main thing at the moment: is the start of lactation, it is for this purpose that pumping with the help of a breast pump works.

Milk stasis/lactostasis

Virtually every mother faces the unpleasant phenomenon of milk stagnation (lactostasis / “stone” breasts).

Removing congestion as soon as possible and freeing the mammary gland from thickened milk residues is an important and urgent task. Frequent attachments, changing feeding positions and, of course, additional pumping with a breast pump help.

At the same time, make sure that you express your breast for a long time, carefully, "to the last drop."

Lack of milk/lactation crisis

If there is a shortage of milk, it is necessary to stimulate its production as soon as possible with the help of unlimited attachments of the child and frequent pumping.

Make sure to eat well during this period, drink enough water (2-2.5 liters per day), and get more rest.

Don't forget to pump at night when prolactin, the hormone responsible for making breast milk, is at its peak.

If it is not possible to carefully wake up and feed the baby at night, then be sure to perform a pumping session with portable breast pumps instead.

For milk to come faster and its energy value to be higher, the use of double pumping is shown - from two mammary glands at the same time.

When are portable breast pumps needed?

If the feeding regimen is set, proper attachment is established, and the mother is inseparable from the baby for the entire period of breastfeeding - likely, a breast pump may not be needed. But for most mothers at this time, the breast pump will be of great help in solving a variety of problems.

Attachment difficulties

If you don’t get the right attachment right away, you will be forced to express milk to supplement your baby. Make it easier and safer with a breast pump. This is where clinical breast pumps come to the rescue. Find out in advance if there is such a breast pump in the maternity hospital of your choice.

The baby has not emptied his chest enough

This sometimes happens if the day turned out to be difficult, the baby was tired, naughty, and “did not master” his usual volume. To continue to maintain a sufficient volume of incoming milk, it is necessary to express the remaining milk from the breast to a feeling of relief - for example, using a Swing portable electronic breast pump.

By expressing excess milk, you will also protect yourself from another formidable nuisance: blockage of the milk duct by accumulated milk called lactostasis.


If lactostasis has already happened, you can’t do without portable breast pumps. After all, constant pumping until the elimination of milk "plugs" from the ducts is a task that can be overwhelming only for manual pumping and applying the baby. With the right vacuum, you will be able to gently and painlessly remove engorgement in a short time.

If there is not enough milk

There is nothing more offensive than depriving your baby of a sufficient amount of the most valuable food for him - breast milk. If you have patience and believe in success, you can achieve a good amount of lactation even in the most difficult cases, such as, for example, starting lactation without the participation of the baby (separate stay in the clinic, premature baby, etc.). Double portable breast pumps will come to your aid.

By expressing milk from both breasts at the same time, you will provide a significant increase in the volume of incoming milk - clinically proven! And a special stimulation phase will gently and naturally cause a good flow of milk.

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