The Perfect Plus-size, Soft Pumping Bra: Introducing the Momcozy HF018

The Perfect Plus-size, Soft Pumping Bra: Introducing the Momcozy HF018

When you’ve just had - or you’re about to have - a baby, finding a plus size or absorbent nursing bra might not be #1 on your to-do list. However, it’s important that you consider the best nursing bra as they play a significant role in your breastfeeding journey.

A high-quality, hands-free nursing bra that fits well no matter your (new) cup size offers comfort, support and convenience. That’s why we’ve launched the Momcozy Pumping& Nursing Bra HF018!

This bra is designed to make it easier for you to feed your little one at home or in public by offering easy access for feeding and pumping, whilst also letting you adjust for fluctuating breast size and gain proper breast support to reduce any discomfort.

In this blog, we explore key questions you might have about the HF018, including key features and when to start wearing it. We’re sure the HF018 will make your maternity and breastfeeding experience as smooth as possible.

When you know more about what you’re looking for, head back to the ‘Bras’ section of our website to browse our full collection or head straight to Momcozy website to pick up our latest launch - Momcozy Pumping & Nursing Bra HF018.

What’s Great About the Momcozy Pumping & Nursing Bra HF018?

Unless you feel comfortable in your usual bra or going braless (it’s unique for everyone), you’ll need to search for a nursing bra. Their shape, structure and design can help prevent - and ease the symptoms of - common issues like engorgement.

Our newly launched mesh support nursing bra, HF018, offers:

  • Support for bigger breasts: You’ve already experienced that your breast size, shape, and even how heavy your breasts feel can change while you’re breastfeeding. The HF018 is a plus-size nursing bra (36C-44H cup) offering enhanced support for Moms at home or on the go.
  • Specially-designed cups: Whether you’re breastfeeding or pumping, our nursing bras are specially designed so you can easily use them day-to-day and whilst busy with your child. We’ve gone one step further with the HF018 - you can use it hands-free! With a comfortable design that’s created to help you relax as you pump, our latest nursing bra is compatible with all leading breast pump brands including Momcozy and Elvie. This helps you to have a seamless transition from pumping to breastfeeding and being on the go, day to night.
  • Soft, gentle and absorbent materials: Nursing bras should be made of fabrics that make you feel good. This might include fashionable materials, like the HF018’s mesh upper, to give you an extra boost of confidence. The HF018 is made from 92% bamboo and 8% spandex to provide unmatched softness and elasticity for every size bust.

When Can I Start Wearing a Nursing Bra?

You can buy and wear a nursing bra whenever you want! Fashionable nursing bras can be adjusted to be worn even as you transition in and out of breastfeeding.

Ideally, you should get measured for a nursing bra (or start buying them to try on) a few weeks before your due date. This is because your breast shape and size can change throughout pregnancy and often, will be at their largest just before and after your baby is born. It also gives you some time to practise using the bra one-handed and adjusting it to make sure it’s the correct size.

If your due date has been and gone and you have your little one(s) in your arms, you can buy a well-fitted nursing bra at any time.

Is a Tight or Loose Bra Better For Breastfeeding?

The best-fitting nursing bras will fit snugly to your figure. Too tight, and it can lead to painful problems like mastitis. Too loose, and your breasts won’t be supported as they change shape pre- and post-pregnancy.

That’s why the Momcozy Pumping & Nursing Bra HF018 is available to fit a huge variety of cup sizes, from 36C-44H (EUR 80C-100I, US 36B-44G). It can stay with you during this time of life transition - from your first breastfeeding experience to when you head back to work and beyond.


We’re proud to announce the latest of our comfortable, supportive and fashionable nursing bras - the Momcozy Pumping & Nursing Bra HF018. It’s designed to make your breastfeeding and pumping journey as comfortable as possible, helping you to pump hands-free with ease. Meanwhile, the materials have been specially selected to look good and fit under most clothing types so you can head out the house without resorting to wearing a clunky nursing bra that stands out.

Don’t just listen to us - head to our website at the link below to read the reviews of happy mothers in the US who agree the HF018 is “Buttery soft with great support” and “has a lovely sheer front that holds everything in and a spandex like band that is firm but not constricting.”

Searching for a plus-size bra that ticks all your boxes? Check out the Momcozy Pumping & Nursing Bra on Momcozy website! 

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